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  1. I think I lost all my hopes of seeing ONI early access this year :/
  2. Maybe we'll see another Rhymes with Play about ONI? I'd love that It'd be cool if they continue a previously saved game though, show some mid-gameplay stuff and not always start from 0.
  3. Neat! Please Klei, give us this Christmas gift!
  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing those gameplay videos. I didn't know Klei made a whole stream about ONI, it's been awhile since I last visited the forums... I liked the game a lot, fits my style. It seems to have many variables to manage (I feel like it has a learning curve bigger than DS), besides the attention to some physical and chemical details! Will we see early-acess still this year?
  5. And I'm just sitting here waiting for WX as Bastion or Genji.
  6. Love Overwatch. LOVED this art thread, keep it up please! It was a nice surprise.
  7. Hah! As Wilson says, It's cute, in a gross kind of way!
  8. Wow! Loved the one with Willow and the garland.
  9. Hi everybody! I know I'm not very active here in the forums, but I'd like to share with you something I made Although I'm not that skilled on the piano, I love the little melody of the DST main theme and so I challenged myself to arrange the song. As what to me sounds like a waltz, in the song the piano is just one of the instruments being played, so I tried to put them together. When I couldn't figure out exactly what was being played, I just improvised around the melody trying to maintain the feeling of the song. Here's the link: Hope you guys like it!!
  10. On my first play with Willow discovering her perks... "oooh she's so cute and have a little lighter" "well, my screen is blurry, I need some flowers in the morning... wait until then" *willow screams: I CAN'T HELP MYSELF ! - proceeds to burn all my stuff in bs* "WHAT ?! NO, NOOOOOO WILLOW, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ? PLEASE NO" *quotes Michael Scott*