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  1. Hey Klei! I am impressed by the progress of this year in this game. Unforntunately I haven't had much time to play dst too but oni is sure worked out great. I like the little love for your audience regarding the world generation and the new art in the cluster asteroids, I really like the new art and options we can have to play, great work!
  2. I tried to look briefly on the update with debug_enable and after I press backspace, I go in starmap select whatever and all geysers and vets are not there, its just the neutronium, I am assuming you initialize those things only when dupes discover the place, or is discovered via the telescope? Same for the tree, which is missing too.
  3. Hello, I think you are aware of this bug, but I will have to insist on this one because is very annoying. Solid Fuel Thruster and Solid Fuel Oxidizer are not receiving any oxylite after they come back from space mission, I have to restart the game all the time. Worst part is that Oxylite gets deleted, for me with 3 polluted oxygen vents I can afford losing some of my oxygen but its a really bad bug. The other bug with rockets its visual, when rocket is in space you get half of the rocket art or on launching sometimes the bars of liquid storages remain there. Please fix first bug But thats all the bugs rockets have for me in few runs. EDIT: Forgot to mention, iron have no problem to get refueld on solid fuel thruster
  4. nice co23.sav I added the current save. My first time reporting a bug like this not really familiar with the process. I did something to try improving the thing: 1. PC restart (solved most of the part) 2. I did clean up the mess laying around, it wasn't that much. 3. I changed most of the priorities keeping dupes with small tasks. 4. I changed and blocked some of the useless paths I don't really care. 5. Stairs with gaps I think are not good since its adding paths instead of calculating only one, not sure but I tried removing gaps anyways. Now this save is the most recent and everything is now a giant pipe because I was like **** it I don't really need more from now on, I will do a steam rocket since gas vents are not lagging. The lag was before the whole bottom part even existed (pipes wise). The game flow was like: 1. I built the oxygen generation from that vent near, then the showers. 2. I discovered the other two steam vents and I added that long pipe to bring all the water in one spot (reservoirs). 3. I built that thing in base for a future farm (not connected with the rest) 4. I started to build the cooling water around that entropy machine and from there it started to lag, then I connected with the farms. 5. I started to clean all the mess and paths etc didn't helped much. 6. Built the bottom part in a very painful way, I just went cooking some food while they did the pipes. 7. I don't even know why I continue this world, its kinda a ****ty generation if you ask me but I am first time close to going into space so I am just gonna push it, colony is very stable. Also I am not one of the best players, I do things on spot without really looking for tutorials or blueprints so efficiency is not gonna at its best in that save file or even in the future, I like learning by mistakes. In my opinion gas vents are much more heavier than liquid pipes for the processing power in my save file. Game still freezes in this save for 1 second or two when a pipe is built, it lags only when the dupe finishing the build/repair, at least is not that bad now since I am building one or two for small changes. As for specs: GPU is garbage like straight up. CPU have enough cores for this, its only the liquid pipe causing lag, in rest is smooth all the time and this is the first time causing heavy lag. rams don't stay more than 60% I would have understood if it was 90% or something. And yea is the most recent version and I am not in any branch If the file is not ok let me know, but I think I got the right last save. Thank you for your time guys
  5. I am cycle 350 and 15 dupes, a lot of things are happening and I kinda have some long pipes too but I think it shouldn't matter. Every time a dupe finishing a liquit pipe games complete freezes for few seconds, if there are a lot of work in queue it will lag even more. I restricted paths and I kinda swept most of the debris because I thought the lag is about that. Its like you are reiterating all the existing pipes on the map and add a new one, hope you are not using only one giant list for all the pipes in the world. Also I have 8 gb ram and it eats like 40%, isn't that too much? As I mentioned the game runs good until I build liquid pipes, and I have a ton of gas vents and it doesn't lag at all. I don't wanna restart a new world, the game is looooong as it is and I don't wanna build pipes with the debugger, please look into it for a future fix if someone has this trouble too. Maybe is something specific to my world or my specs. CPU is strong, I am not worrying about that but GPU is weak, so I am not sure where the calculations are done for the liquid pipes. Thank you! Edit: some typos
  6. As title says, when I place the yellow gem on default shelf is invisible but I can pick it up back.
  7. If you rotate camera at the same time when saves pop-ups, camera will keep spinning until you hit escape or map. I think this bug was on previous versions too.
  8. full moon... but in ruins nightmare fuel is on ground. When those nasty spirits comes out they will drop for you nightmare fuel... I always come out from ruins with like 80 nightmare fuel..
  9. Well in 2 days they should stream, some answers will be available. When Phase 2 starts we will see some new topic on forum called "phase 2".
  10. Winter is in December, summer ended like 1 week ago in Canada! Phase 1 ended today. Phase 2 can't start in December. But for the drama you can say winter 2015 because in february is still winter.
  11. The waiting is worse when half of page is about "phase 2", "when come out" blabla. Just do other stuff until comes out, you guys are like 12 y.o childrens waiting for a candy.
  12. well You have no sound... That yellow circle is annoying is not a tutorial about things to make cursor shinny. Tip: When you chop trees spam that click and keep cursor in top of tree. Put 1 berry on ground to catch that bird(forgot his name). Hope I am helpful, sorry if my english sound pretty blunt, is the way I talk haha.
  13. I am totally agree with you. Everyone going crazy because "end of summer". End of summer was few days ago. And phase 1 is this week, this week is not over yet. Next week still few people from that form coming in game so this is going slow if we want a smooth experience in this extension.