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  1. Yea I viewed the interior but didn't figure out I need to built something inside. I will try that
  2. My dupe is idle once it enters the rocket then dying.. What am I missing? No reed fiber or dreckos anywhere, space suits are not a solution.
  3. It could show only 'Edible' updated by the 'Consumables' tab and on hover showing the whole thing.
  4. I think calories number is missing the . like 50.000 is now 50000, it wasn't like this I think. Dupe generation having a few times excellent skills numbers but the bad traits are countering the profession. Like 11 Excavation but doesn't like to dig, or great husbandry but adversity to critters, not sure if intented. Slugs don't charge even when sitting on a cable, maybe I am doing it wrong, some charge some not, I am gonna place cables in the entire room and strike this paragraph if it works. I think an option to disable the screen changing when teleports are happening would be nice since it kinda gets old on 2000 cycles or more I think there could be a nice complex mechanic for morale, where most of us will use other asteroids just for farming, so we get into that sci fi topic with an utopic world built on slave colonies that don't get any love. I think there should be a quality of life number per asteroids and if the gap is too big it should a x % to dupes that only got cots to sleep, refusing to work would be interesting. Right now I am simply feeding muckroot to Joshua, no bed no anything, he just works and has 0 stress. Where choosing duplicant skills, all of them are on the same asteroid, even tho I have one in a different place. I will keep editing this.
  5. Well two weeks passed, we will get it boys one way or another.
  6. "Just one last hump".. 200 cycles passed.. I am gonna go after that temporal tear till I get the dlc, it might happen twice two
  7. hahahaha. I was worried another round was out, because few minutes ago the page wasn't loading
  8. I feel like a hobo, new day, same place having my hopes up and down at the end of the day.
  9. We can have an educated guess it is between 30k and 10k, since popular youtubers and twitch streamers got it first, all their viewers for sure signed up. I haven't watched their videos because I don't like spoilers but they have big numbers.