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  1. Plant some tooth traps for monkeys.
  2. Thanks guys for comments.
  3. I cannot login to Klei server now. Anyone experience same?
  4. Nettles and food - help

    Currently nettle vine mechanic is quite broken. You need a sprinkler and a lake biome near jungle biome for stable supply of nettles. You could buy food from piggies store. There're many ways of making oincs. If you don't have both nettles and a gas mask, you may rely on tea tree seed pods for anti-histamine effect. Cook them and eat.

    I already did. Saveslot is #2.
  6. So I entered the secret room in one direction. And find another secret entrance that leads to same secret room in another direction. When I enter the latter entrance to secret room, I teleported to nothingness and cannot interact with anything. Fig. 1 : Showing a secret room with double entrance. I entered there first from an entrance room of a ruin, then found another door in other room of the ruin, and tried to enter there. Fig. 2 : When I entered the secret room via the latter entrance, I cannot interact with anything. Fig. 3 : As like the Black Room bug, I teleported to nothingness (you can see my Wolfgang's indicating button in the north of blackness, while the map of ruin are located southeast).
  7. While frogs are swimming inside the water, their sprites are not shown.
  8. Hippopotamoose antlers

    Rly? Have no idea at this point. Is any recipe recently added after latest update?
  9. Check these screenshots. You can see a watery ring around transparent snakeskins on the ocean.
  10. HAM->SW->HAM->SW results in starting at Seaworthy.
  11. When I come back to the Hamlet, Ro Bin stays there and have the inventory I've loaded before. So it seems this guy cannot transit its inventory to SW.
  12. When saved and loaded, it seems to come back to my character, but after that it goes forwardmore, just pass me by and goes nowhere.