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  1. That Red Mant animation reminds me of the "getting up" animation Woodlegs and Webber do when unlocked.
  2. That's pretty interesting. I like the idea of a paranormal location of bugginess, but glad to see fixes coming!
  3. Thanks a bunch for the bugfixes! You guys are awesome, keep it up.
  4. Saved and quitted, still reloaded into this scenario. I can't move, but the Roc won't open its mouth and eat me like it usually does. Is there any way out of this?
  5. Yeah, it was a regular chop. Gotta say I like this sound effect more, though. A few characters comment on the Claw Trees as being eerie anyhow.
  6. I feel like the beetles are intended to be landbound, tell me if I'm wrong. They don't seem to interact with anything around either. EDIT: They woke up, can walk and attack as normal on top of the water but cannot leave it.
  7. Playing as Wilba, map has no icon when brought up. Makes it a bit of a challenge figuring out where one is, although centering of the map helps.
  8. Had full EXP meter, played a few games and was dying with no issues, then I get struck by a trap and killed as Warbucks and I see the EXP meter ticking towards Walani, who I already had unlocked. I can post my Log.TXT if need be.
  9. Thank you for the continued support! Y'all are great devs and great bugfixers.
  10. I hit the "Report Bug" button when it happened - does that upload the logs? This happened like, ten games ago, in a Wickerbottom Shipwrecked save just as I turned on the Boat Lamp. Crash, error overlay, quick death by the night monster right after.
  11. Was generating a ROG world with no Touchstones and starting in Autumn as Wigfrid, compatible with Hamlet. Repeatable - happened again on second attempt to generate world. Does not occur when the world is created not compatible with any DLC.
  12. It can also spawn an entire island over. Like, geez, you came a long way for me to blow two darts into you and steal your hat.
  13. Thou nameth thy own farm anythingeth, I suppose...
  14. Ran back and forth between alchemy engine and renovate area for a bit. Got this while in renovate area.