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  1. Annoying bramble roots

    Wait, I was watching this YouTuber (DemonRebuilt) and he had the geometrical placement mod, right? And then he tried to build something, there was nothing in the ground, but the mod stated with that small red circle that he could not build on that place. Maybe because it was this bramble spawn v point? If it was, than this is kinda wrong, isn't it? The spawn should be random, or there should be a way to remove it
  2. Are you sure about that? I'm pretty sure I saw a glowfly morph into a cocoon, and in the humid season, one exotic flower spawns like, 7 glowflies
  3. No, no, no. Don't avoid the beetles. Make a Bug B Gone, gather all of them, spray the poison, make them all die. Them, gather the drops and sell them. Infinity money
  4. Well, that seemed easy haha
  5. [Game Update] - 301799

    Nice! What about a "ghost be gone"? Like garlic or holy water haha
  6. [Game Update] - 300612

    Awn ): only gunpowder? I Love the a developer optimism: "I'm pretty sure this will fix the problem, but maybe...." xD
  7. Maybe this is just a bait? Like, there is nothing there
  8. Did you start a new world after the update?
  9. QOL update speculations

    I mean, the black area, not the grey area
  10. It also starts at day 60 if you did not use the clock. So you have to be prepared for that
  11. QOL update speculations

    The most important of all: MAP SIGHT (the black area) In DST, all that you see on screen is revealed in the map. In DS, it is not. That is hell of a improvement. And one of the most important for me
  12. Sorry but I think that we all disagree with you
  13. Aporkalypse thread

    5th island? How to get there?