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  1. Nice! What about a "ghost be gone"? Like garlic or holy water haha
  2. Awn ): only gunpowder? I Love the a developer optimism: "I'm pretty sure this will fix the problem, but maybe...." xD
  3. Oh @bizziboi is already here. Where is @Jason? We can't wait for the Aporkalypse anymore haha
  4. A new mant character would be nice, you could unluck it in the pherostone ruins
  5. Dear player, if you never saved, YOU are the problem hahahahahaha
  6. I'm pretty sure this happens when poop is dropped outside too. Is that fixed too? (This happened to me on Vanilla/RoG, SW, Together and Hamlet)
  7. I refresh the forums about 1 time per hour to see for updates. The updates with only one bugfix rips my heart ): hahaha
  8. @Jason check this video where it happen. At 10:35. He buys an item, the shopkeeper put a new item, the desk disappears and the shopkeeper disappears after
  9. This is the second time this happens. I give Wilba the Crown, she tries to go out of the room, says something about beeing caged, and nothing happens. The first time it was a legitm attempt (I died after attacking her and the guards killing me) The second time, I use console to go to her and spawn the crown. These are the prints. I gave her 2 crowns and nothing happened. Leaved the pallace, entered again, and nothing
  10. The poop bug I can confirm, this happened to me in RoG and SW too