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  1. HAM->SW->HAM->SW results in starting at Seaworthy.
  2. While frogs are swimming inside the water, their sprites are not shown.

    I already did. Saveslot is #2.
  4. So I entered the secret room in one direction. And find another secret entrance that leads to same secret room in another direction. When I enter the latter entrance to secret room, I teleported to nothingness and cannot interact with anything. Fig. 1 : Showing a secret room with double entrance. I entered there first from an entrance room of a ruin, then found another door in other room of the ruin, and tried to enter there. Fig. 2 : When I entered the secret room via the latter entrance, I cannot interact with anything. Fig. 3 : As like the Black Room bug, I teleported to nothingness (you can see my Wolfgang's indicating button in the north of blackness, while the map of ruin are located southeast).
  5. BFB have been trying to destroy the pig farm, but since it's indestructible hence it stuck in there forevermore.
  6. Check these screenshots. You can see a watery ring around transparent snakeskins on the ocean.
  7. When I come back to the Hamlet, Ro Bin stays there and have the inventory I've loaded before. So it seems this guy cannot transit its inventory to SW.
  8. So I packed several items for SW in hamlet then depart with Skyworthy, I found that Ro Bin's inventory is lost after arrival.
  9. When saved and loaded, it seems to come back to my character, but after that it goes forwardmore, just pass me by and goes nowhere.
  10. Ro Bin cannot follow the ship, just stuck somewhere of the ocean.
  11. City Planning Tab disappear

    This also happens to me. To fix it, just simple click it again.
  12. [Game Update] - 296153

    Now you can't store anything inside of chests of housing. They all popped out whenever you come inside.
  13. Infinite Ro Bin's

    Already reported. The egg won't be removed after Ro Bin coming out unless you click it. That kind of disappearance or non-disappearance of certain item cases are piled in this board...
  14. Still Hamlet's Mandrake cannot be consider as regular element. Even if I collected them at a garden near elder's house, they begone when I try to transfer them into a chest of my housing, and cause a client crash without any message.
  15. They bloom at the first season, and don't have proper displayed graphic for that. Edit : In humid season they never bloom after/during raining.
  16. Avigail Flower

    I also have seen this crash twice in a streamer's broadcast. Also, the graphical display of Abigail's flower is wrong now. (Fully bloomed in inventory, but on ground it shows previous unfully bloomed status)
  17. [Game Update] - 295671

    Do they eat? Even pogs don't eat.
  18. [Game Update] - 295671

    Of course they rush. But you can steal it amidst of murder scene.
  19. [Game Update] - 295671

    Or use pan flute or something may work I guess Edit : I tried console c_give with other shopkeeper and panflute, and it works.
  20. [Game Update] - 295272

    Aha. My misunderstanding then.
  21. [Game Update] - 295272

    I understand with sprinkler since its mechanic with nettles is broken now, but why fan?