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Many probably good suggestions compiled

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Thought would compile some I made and some people have posted, a bit long, but made section to separate and some are much important I think


* Add this soundtrack back! it is MUCH BETTER
* Old humid work music could be good for steal music instead ;) 
* Enter village music may be?
* This music never heard in game, could add to jungle combat if not set already? 


* Pigs not pick up coins when you are in tile radius of them (except thief pig) because they thief themselves then >:(
* Thief pig to steal coin from chests and backpack, can't steal from cork barrel, may be even enter your house if they get key and you can lose access to house until buy again from mayor pig?
* Pog rummaging through backpack, thatchpack and piggyback, but not krampus sack
* Hamlet werepigs
* Some creature suggestion, like panther

* Bank house for exchange of oinc type (10 one pence oinc for one ten pence oinc)
* Pog, fly trap, peagawk, thunderbird and pangolden respawn some way and gnat mound regrow over time, woud be good rock renewability
* Womant respawn and please make better fight

* Wanted mechanic for thief pig with ten pence oinc reward, may be could sometime track him like koalas?
* Builder pig attack with hammer, miner pig with pickaxe and farmer with pitchfork if get too close
* Lumber pig?
* Chef pig?
* May be can befriend worker type pig with some oinc for work? 
* Royal guard with blunderbuss? Good risk-reward system :p
* Give good MECHANIC incentive not kill pog! Player incentive to do so :( 
* Please more rooms in caves? And some gold outside cave?
* Pugalisk bone turn in at museum for oincs?

* Pith hat to craft with science machine PLEASE! Inferior to cowl and very needed early on! Better to need 5 gold by day 10 than 9 gold, too much stress very early :( 
* NEED THESE ITEMS CRAFTING; pretty/tropic/exotic parasol (may be both palm tree loot new palm leaf? then can make thatch sail too), boat repair kit and boat torch
* Fly whip crafting that need no science machine to deal with flies and may be other bugs, with easy craft grass and twig and no science machine, would scare off gnat bugs for 3 seconds

Loot drop
* More silk from spider monkey, and some change in mechanic pleeease
* Iron hulk chance for gear?
* Dangerous vines to actually drop vine, make more sense and easier get pith hat
* Can rainforest tree drop seed guaranteed almost during lush season? Texture change misleading otherwise :| 

* Make forest biome more filled, too empty! Berry bush and grass? Could make berry oinc value balanced and still useful if set to 2 oincs
* Iron, savanna and grass biome at center start too small, too many things moving between biome in the area
* Too many fly trap in one place, need distribute more evenly in biome
* Grass tuft respawn, large area of grass burns down and not players fault :(this part of issue too
* Ruin puzzles and challenge with doors and stuff
* Caves in water! Use for cargo boat then and more exploration
* Upper waterfalls and bridges, may be craftable
* Flying in balloon, could repair/craft, suggestion here
* Some coffee bean plant in savanna, but little bit rare for balance? That way savanna has coffe beans, grass has peagawk and forest has berry bush :)

* Fishing in water? Not much use for fishing rod in DLC :/
* Set berry trade value to 2 please, too easy!
* Food/item price change and dynamic prices
* Relic more valuable 3 - 5 ten pence oinc each?
* Trade gold to banker? Gem to oinc trade value too low too, please increase to 2 - 3 ten pence oinc
* Make use of rain coat, give rain coat full humidity protection
* Peagawk could may be fly over wall and off ledge for a bit if renewable, then land down, and if fall off clouds would be funny it it fell :D and in place of gobbler may be spawn peagawk instead when pick berry bush

* Give gunpowder and blunderbuss to warbucks instead, could craft ballpen hammer and magnify glass without science machine, get no sanity from crafting new item
* Wilba move slower, but deal more damage and stun enemy easier, get sanity from other pig nearby and more, lose sanity from attack pig, can live in castle?

* This seaworthy and skyworthy mechanic changes please!
* I think it is better if some normal ds, rog and shipwrecked items not sold in stores too; pinecone and birchnut in florist shop should be replace with palm tuft seed and tea tree acorn for example and remove razor and backpack from tool/survival shop sale, cowl in place of moggle sell at hat shop and hamlet fish at cooked foods shop replace fish morsel.

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