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Iron Hulks and Gears

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Wouldn't it make sense for the Iron Hulks to have a chance to drop gears? There's never a guarantee that the shops will have the item in stock and while we could probably bring them with us when moving from world to world but that's not always the case from player to player. 

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15 hours ago, Sasuga said:

I thought they dropped gears myself, it makes sense to me that there'd be a chance, even if its only 1%.

They could make a mini game of it and turn it into a crafting goal. The Hulks have a chance of dropping pieces of gears and once you collect all three variants, you can craft gears in the Alchemy Engine. 

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i don't see where an iron hulk can have gears also
are u kidding me ?
if even i have a 1% chance to get gears im still abusing the hulk and farming it if it was that easy
Gears are rare ( except SW cause thats SW ) and having them drop from a 6 pieces base uncomplete boss is a big no no 

maybe when the boss comes out it may drop gears.

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