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  1. How very stupid, look like bug because he can stomp tree to get loot, deerclops go through trees and give loot and so does every other mob that break tree like shadow skeleton and charging rook. How bearger going through trees OP but his stomp not? So stupid!
  2. You mean all this time it was bug? There is three more bugs with bearger: * Mid-aggro, either animation doesn't register until a second later or the speed changes a second earlier (probably former) when bearger takes aggro, at least of player, looks weird. * When Bearger regularly stomp through trees loot from them not dropping. And I know this is bug because Deerclops go through trees and loot drop just fine. * Bearger wander behavior weird, he sometime move in one direction a step, then stop instead of doing typical wander behavior. Think it happen when you leave him near edge of empty space, like rock biome for while.
  3. Why is there no teleportato? And thought you were going to add some end game content that feel kind of like adventure mode to build on lore, but we got nothing. You just announce that it out of early access and that is that
  4. @bizziboi when is optimisation? My world still has all room with 1 second delay every 3 seconds
  5. So, it not gonna get fixed any time soon? I think it could have something to do with shipwrecked crockodog spawning on water intentionally.
  6. Fully grown flytrap stalks will sometimes attack earlier than intended while kiting them. Something looks broken with their attack patterns especially if you kite with high speed (drinking coffee for example to make it more evident).
  7. Flytrap seedlings (of all 3 tiers) during the day won't finish getting to the food they were targeting and go back to sleep until the player gets close enough. May be intended mechanic, but looks bugged.
  8. Hounds in Vanilla/RoG worlds will spawn in water if the player is near water when they start spawning, meaning they can't get to the player. Wargs also spawn them on water.
  9. When jumping to a new world, after a minute or so a hound attack will always happen, where only one hound will attack (Bug since only RoG and Shipwrecked DLCs have existed), this weird hound attack should not happen at all. After this hound attack, the hound attacks will start happening as normal. Bug happens with hounds in RoG/DS worlds and with Crockodogs in Shipwrecked worlds. The attack won't be instant, it will take about half a day or so before starting but it will always have only one hound/crockodog spawn.
  10. For pigs that you can trade with indefinitely, they will still act as if they only could be traded with once during the day, meaning once you trade once with them, they will soon walk away and won't greet you and if you do about ~25 rapid-click trades in a row, they will straight up walk away while you are in the middle of trading with them (recommended to have a full stack of trading items and just keep trading with by rapid-clicking to reproduce the bug). I think pigs not built with infinite trade in mind, may be someone should take a look at balancing out trades to may be 5 or 10 or so per pig, and same with oincs. Feathers are harder to get than berries, yet berries can be traded for 4 oinc, while feathers only for 2.
  11. Going to a Shipwrecked or RoG/DS world even via Skyworthy will always land you at Seaworthy even if a Skyworthy is present in the Shipwrecked or RoG/DS world. Seaworthy and Skyworthy mechanics should really be revised more I think because of problems like this.
  12. I don't think so, have had these bugs for a very long time now
  13. Ds/RoG world will have the Hamlet cloud puff appear instead of the normal water splash when something goes off the edge of the map and sinks. They also shouldn't appear periodically like they do in Hamlet.
  14. Stumps don't register instantly as diggable after a tree has been chopped down, and instead take about 3 seconds to do so. Really annoying when you want to dig up the stump first or right after you have collected the chopped tree's resources. Think this bug was in DST before too but got fixed.
  15. Tumbleweed colliders persist for a while longer after opening them. Not sure if this is intended, bug or simply the outcome of code to be fair. To test this, have two tumbleweeds next to each other hitting an edge of the world, then click to open one, then the other right after; the collision of the first one you opened will still be there, and you will be pushing the other tumbleweed along with the first one's collider.