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  1. Bamboo tree has and seperated for animation. I check bamboo.lua and is correct. But cannot decompile, get this error; I drop in krane, anim.bin from folder I copied out of, build.bin from same folder I copied it out of (I did also put atlas-0.tex in folder), dropped folder I want decompile to and should be correct but not working. Something to do with two different files that it not decompile? Look like it cannot decompile with two anim called the exact same. Either krane need update or Klei need to sort out duplicate anims, otherwise can't decompile some anims
  2. What do you mean with Growable component? How can I use this? And also same with LootDropper method, really confused about structure and syntax.
  3. If I change lots of loots of things doing things this way is bad for CPU definitely. If no way to detect tree chop or stage then no point doing this way imo. No point wasting time for bad result.
  4. Cannot change loot table without doing something stupid like checking all tree every 10 seconds to change their loot table and to not have wrong loot drop from different tree type. It bad on CPU, too many things basically unmoddable for this game it looks! Can you please organise your loot tables in single file like crafting recipes with recipes.lua or stat value with tuning.lua so we can change those values without making mods badly?
  5. Check all tree in vicinity if not world every 10 second? I think I will do the bad way to mod their loot then instead if can't detect when tree is chopped, dug or burnt.
  6. Looks very overcomplicated and restrictive for what I am doing, can I just not declare local loot table, then have it apply post init with a function? I actually trying claw palm tree and it look like its loot structured completely differently and thought this would change loot but not working I put this in new file under scripts/prefabs of my mod and import file in modmain.
  7. Yes, change loot table of prefab like hippopotamoose for example.
  8. @Ultroman then I get this error With this code
  9. I want to swap some Hamlet theme around, really like old temperate work music and want to swap it out with the current new one. This is old one, how would do that?
  10. I got it work but only with Recipe not AddRecipe. Attached example mod with AddRecipe problem and you have to go into mod change all AddRecipe to Recipe then enable mod in game, exit game, change back references to AddRecipe and open game again to see error otherwise it just shut down crash and you not see error and mod disabled next time you launch. May be Klei did something and removed AddRecipe from working? Work fine with just Recipe.
  11. I know you need AddPrefabPostInit("prefabname", functionImadename) at end of file to make edit for prefab, but not sure about rest. Have tried copy loot table and edit it, but not sure how to go from that to adding new loot table to the prefab. And what if want edit existing function of the prefab as well? Could I have examples pls?
  12. Ok sorted it out a bit better and have globals declared before AddRecipe. But now it give error about AddRecipe and not recognise it; variable 'AddRecipe' is not declared When I have this code among globals local AddRecipe = GLOBAL.AddRecipe It look like it recognise Recipe though and I know it common practice to use AddRecipe for mods, why can I not use AddRecipe?
  13. Added custom recipe with AddRecipe like this; AddRecipe("torch", {Ingredient("charcoal", 1), Ingredient("twigs", 1)}, RECIPETABS.LIGHT, TECH.NONE) But game crash and give this error; attempt to index global 'RECIPETABS' (a nil value) Have got globals imported in modmain as well like this local Ingredient = GLOBAL.Ingredient local RECIPETABS = GLOBAL.RECIPETABS local Recipe = GLOBAL.Recipe local CHARACTER_INGREDIENT = GLOBAL.CHARACTER_INGREDIENT Why this happen any idea?
  14. How to add files to modmain?

    @Ultroman yes modifying function part of something is what I am doing. So if I add the AddPrefabPostInit for rope in mychanges_rope.lua file then nothing will happen because file isn't executed by modmain or something like that and I need to import it in there. Know syntax how to do that?
  15. I forget how to add files to modmain, anyone know? If I have file with changes to existing content like mychanges_rope.lua then how I import this file to modmain?