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  1. Rabid Beetles overpopulation

    No matter how well you optimise them, game still freeze if they have no cap to their spawn amount or some way for them to disappear before another hummid season start.
  2. Throwing something out there

    He is a crystal gem, didn't you know?
  3. Nettle farming is broken

    I suggest you read my posts again, but I agree with Roosev nad think they should regrow as soon as they are in wet state. @Tumalu I meant even when they close to sprinkler, only few of them, like 8 max.
  4. Nettle farming is broken

    * They are, very big, restricts huge placement. End up with only may be 8 nettle around sprinkler, when you could have more. Some maps don't have water next to jungle biome close enough at all for farming nettles! * I don't want to stand around doing nothing. Mentioned that if you go away, you might forget, or by time you wanna collect, so many things get in way of you getting back in time, like bats, Roc, Aporkalipse etc. Do they stay wet and grow off-screen? * Not that, I can't see what radius is when placing is the problem, end up planting nettles where it can't reach. Read more carefully what I write next time?
  5. I wasn't talking to them, I was talking to all of you. It's not some joke. The point is that as soon as some new character design is seen, people instantly want it. The more the merrier. Why? Why not work with what already exists? If Klei keeps making more DLC and adding more characters, we will have so much issues cross-DLC and many character will look like throwaways. To me, a lot of later characters already look that way. None questioned what mechanics, features etc. Klei planned to have for the character. They saw the design, instantly wanted it, so no, no consideration for those things from people here, just expecting it will all be fine. Unimplemented characters were unimplemented before for a reason, now it's willy nilly with ideas. Warbucks particularly went through multiple changes and still didn't stand ground for a well-rounded, so hence I think it's time to stop with characters. Never called you that. That's just how you took it. I was upfront, but not off-point, so it still constructive, you didn't want to take it that way. Keep saying that, I'll be just as smug back.
  6. Things get in way of farming: * Need to be placed in jungle biome * Need to be placed in jungle biome NEXT TO water for sprinkler * Need to have sprinkler surround them * Need to be wet * AFTER they are wet, need to wait for them to grow And on top of ALL of that, the jungle biome has the flowers that block anything to be planted in pretty large radius of them. This is very big problem. You either sit next to sprinkler, or you wait till humid time and... still wait for sprinkler? Humidity and rain often not enough for time to make them grow, so you have to baby sit them. And it's only few of them, because you can't get many anyway. They were nerfed already in health values, stuff needed to farm them seem excessive. Can we may be have them grow instantly when they are wet instead of having to wait? If you turn on sprinkler and go do something else, sprinkler will probably run out of fuel by time you remember to go for it or can get back to them and they will have shrunk again Also sprinkler radius doesn't show how far it shoots water, only how far from water you can place it, can we have another circle for the smaller radius it actually is useful for?
  7. You truly no idea what I'm talking about, I guess my point still stands. May be read my main point again? Joke's on me how?
  8. Suuure... none ever challenge it, just proved it further in favor of new character.
  9. ? Lmao, just proving my point further
  10. Ugh, you're supposed to place the walls with pools like this Do it with one of the outskirts pool and with the bottom in the image being direction away from centre pool. Btw, speedrun already beat without walls by day 2:
  11. Aporkalipse is the Hamlet equivalent of Volcano pretty much if that's the case, as both are underwhelming and disappointing. Hamlet has way better game design, bugs and glitches are ought to be fixed just like they were for Shipwrecked, so not sure why it would be argument for Hamlet being worse. What makes SW better than Hamlet for you? For me, Hamlet has better game design and focus on experience rather than more random content (which is exactly what Shipwrecked is, the multiple fishes, ballphins, mussels, various cooking recipes, ocean graves, dragoons, volcano in its entirity, and probably many other things just exist because they can, not because they serve particular purposes important to gameplay overall). But my main issue with Shipwrecked is a large map with water that has nothing in it for miles. And you will be going around aimlessly for a long time on water with nothing interesting to do for hours. Hamlet has everything almost decently close by to one another to keep things interesting, however.
  12. It like people see a new character design by Klei, instantly want it in the game, no consideration for game balance, lore, mechanics or game feel; if it exists it must be in game. Grow up people. Don't you think we have enough characters as is?
  13. Walls?

    But doesn't it get boring when your toys aren't lethal to you anymore? What are you surviving from now? Nothing really Not if they can fly over water borders too
  14. No, Shipwrecked is worst DLC imo. Feels much more unfinished and less thought out even though has probably about as much content as Hamlet.
  15. Walls?

    I think pathfinding of wall is both OP and too big a nerf. On one hand, you can make maze to slow mob down or trap them/trap yourself where you want, but on other hand, it make building just few walls waste of effort. You either have all area walled off where and how you require, or none at all. Imho pathfinding around wall should only be considered when there are few wall in line. If one side is walled off, mob should not pathfind, but instead attack. For flying mob like bees and butterfly, can just fly over wall and ignore pathfind.