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  1. the waves on the main menu

    Whoever drew that image is a god! Aside from lucy being a bit off, everything else look like good old don't starve look, I love it!
  2. I agree with this Too much randomly elaborate perk for characters that is all over the place. Single player OG mechanics much more simple and better to understand and more fun to work with I think. What @Cyberboy2000 say on this topic I agree 100%, is too much and really the new transformations not necessary. The beaver actually look like a werebeaver curse, the other two look more like basic pseudo anthropomorphic characters and it is too much. Or at least the goose is, moose look more like a full furry character. Klei has lots of unimplemented content and removed content before and I would like if this transformations just got removed because Woodie is, or was about getting that wood, nothing else. Maxwell is the reason he fall short on being main best wood collector. If both of them more like single player counter part, Woodie would be main guy to go for wood. Maxwell just too good. There is also the skeletons later game and bearger, but that is complete other topic. Really, just make Maxwell more of better at most things but not best at anything I think is good for his puppets. When Maxwell rework come around, make him like single player, but allow minions to also dig once when Maxwell digs and follow combat pattern of player somehow when in combat may be, and may be not die in 2 days still, but who knows what is better for balance here?
  3. May be they could not think of good way to make the story extremely PG? Old don't starve was more morbid and stylised. They have given up on that completely now. May be his backstory too morbid to put out for the PG and politically correct meta Klei looks like has this days and not think of way to make his backstory not morbid?
  4. Anybody know? There need be some setting for it but I just not sure what it is and where to find
  5. None really know?
  6. Ok that worked, but the animation is now a bit off. I then tried replacing the anim and bin files from original but result is it is invisible Also if I just change the anim file alone. I dont know what I did before but somehow long before was able to get both new texture and original animation work fine. No idea how. @zetake is this just how it be with some animations and textures that you can not compile the way you want? I did it before tho but I dont know how. I have left it so the textures to animation are a bit off but the new texture actually shows. I not know what more can be done but would be good to have solution.
  7. I am confused, I use TEXTool to decomile with animation, what? Can you write steps down for me so I can get better idea of what need to be done?
  8. @zetake looks like it work, but not every time. I have some issue compiling stuff in game like said here But now, I have the mod make "memory full" crash even tho I now have lots of free space on my computer EDIT: I confuse compiling with decompiling here I can decompile stuff just ok, but sometime I not able to decompile stuff with some method, like animation because of spriter needing every animation to be named different
  9. I tried multiple thing. First it actually work the way I did it, but now it is not working I opened copy of atlas-0.tex for some thing texture, then get png with TEXTool. Then I change what I want, only the color of texture really and recompile, replacing the copy of atlar-0.tex file. But when I put in zip folder in my mod, with or not with anim and build files it not work correctly; with this original files the texture has white borders around each part even though I edited one whole image, but without them it is invisible. Help!
  10. Posted some time ago but no replies Anyone know how to? And what id does soundtrack have or how to find out about it?
  11. Making jungle fern that everybody hates spawn in regular rain forest biome as well but it spawn half turf distance between one another every time. Not happen in jungle rainforest tho, they can spawn very close to each other. Don't understand why, help!
  12. Trying to find texture of ground turf as when you see it in game placed. Not know what fine or location this is, it need to be .tex file yes?
  13. So I can decompile for spriter pro without animations, or I can decompile animations but not editable in spriter? That does not help me. How am I supposed to edit textures and animations if I can't decompile in spriter editable format?
  14. [Poll] On Annoyances

    Picking item instead of it going in my inventory automatically, chopping trees with axe while not Maxwell or Woodie, digging stump, planting stuff and placing wall even with client mod. Anyone else hate doing any of this things?
  15. I posted this topic, no reply Now I have same trouble with turf as it has 2 "savanna_watery" anims and spriter can't have 2 the same anims or something like that so it not decompile. I managed to decompile bamboo somehow by deleting additional line and all work fine, but for turf it did not work and said there was version compatibility issue. Editing compiled code as text is not good idea anyway, but had to do it just so I can decompile bamboo. Decompiler very old too, last time updated in 2016, we need more compatible one!