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Sneaky Koalephant.

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Did the two-layer wall worked so far? Because my wood wall pen only lasted 1 night before the Koely escaped.

sneaky, sneaky creatures.

The two layer wall seems to be holding up. Seems.

i just kill them because i have a herd of beefalo literally five steps from where i made my base

But they are cute! Plus I like the sound they make when they snore at night.
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Now, make more. And inevitably clutter your base with them :D

I've got... let's see... 15 chests within 3 rows of 6. The third row is half complete, making it 15 instead of 18. I'm planning on having a total of 4 rows of 6, making a grand total of 24 chests.

Why? No reason. I just like to put silk in one chest, red feathers in another, black feathers in another, manure in another...

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