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  1. Sorry for being an ******* :)

  2. So, the end is near?

    Devs came out Recently and hinted at an update. Still, greedy, but at least they have a heart.
  3. Lighten up Qdep :) Time to set up a pic or something no? Pull up a chair.. Stay a while..

  4. caves!

    nothing is impossible in don't starve. i just wiped out a herd of beefalo with a shovel.
  5. caves!

    Not sure if want. I guess it would add a new aspect of exploration to the game.
  6. That's the exact same thing.
  7. Werepig, SMASH

    My base was firefly city.
  8. Werepig, SMASH

    Tents wouldn't be useless if you could use them more than once. a lot of stuff for one night... and then, it disappears.
  9. 25 Reasons NOT to trust pigs

    Oh god, the pigs will be unstoppable forces.
  10. 25 Reasons NOT to trust pigs

    It's hard after your first time.
  11. 25 Reasons NOT to trust pigs

    I'd draw, but i can't.
  12. 25 Reasons NOT to trust pigs

    Death on your part
  13. 25 Reasons NOT to trust pigs

    Kevin just wants us to die.
  14. 25 Reasons NOT to trust pigs

    ANNND, we're all dead.- - - Updated - - - Next, he'll make them form advanced civilizations over time and they will arm themselves.