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  1. Sorry for being an ******* :)

  2. Devs came out Recently and hinted at an update. Still, greedy, but at least they have a heart.
  3. Lighten up Qdep :) Time to set up a pic or something no? Pull up a chair.. Stay a while..

  4. nothing is impossible in don't starve. i just wiped out a herd of beefalo with a shovel.
  5. Not sure if want. I guess it would add a new aspect of exploration to the game.
  6. Tents wouldn't be useless if you could use them more than once. a lot of stuff for one night... and then, it disappears.
  7. Oh god, the pigs will be unstoppable forces.
  8. ANNND, we're all dead.- - - Updated - - - Next, he'll make them form advanced civilizations over time and they will arm themselves.
  9. inb4 full moon.Also, i died on day 40 because of that exact reason...