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  1. my story

    FINE i'm gone from this fourum...
  2. my story

    hello! this is my first Don't Starve story i will post the first part and if you like it i will post the second part and so forth. hope you enjoy! pt.1the noise from the ground grows louder the closer i get to it,but i NEED the amulet, i know what will happen when i try to grab it. i just can't do it, i slump to the ground, i NEED the amulet... A-HA! my fishing rod! this will be risky i know that, but i have to try. i position myself right in front of the amulet and cast, DANG! to far! i reel in and try again.Time seems to go in slow motion as the line fly's ... Time goes back to normal as the line lands on the amulet and the tentacle burst through the soft ground and i black out... what did you think?
  3. Maxwell's journal

    great job thats really cool!
  4. Wilson is insane; story collection

    where are they?
  5. Abigail's Death

    hey dude good job! is this a real video? what is it called? i like the story alot! wilson... what you did was horrible....
  6. Odd Monster in Forest

    i see.. i just started my first winter... i keep on dieing before i can kill any walruses
  7. Odd Monster in Forest

    if the palontrix is real i devote my entire life to getting to day 1000! starting now!
  8. Odd Monster in Forest

    AHHHHH oh... he scared the poo out of me.... i'll need a mop..... what is that hat? a mod?
  9. Pelontrix

    i.....i....i..... no.... just.... no..... and how to you know this exactly? 'cause i doubt you have made it to then.
  10. Wilson is insane; story collection

    yes i have a request,have Wilson find his first winter and well.... lets just say i belive the deerclops will come into the picture
  11. Yukay's artwork

    haha that is awsome!
  12. Wilson is insane; story collection

    good job dude! this is really cool! you did a great job! make some more will 'ya?
  13. what do you think the next update will hold?

    AHA the mighty deerclops has been destroyed! the first time...
  14. what do you think the next update will hold?

    anyone see this yet? its pretty cool huh? story mode anyone?! *wink wink* the link is... www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0QhvmisGWU
  15. what do you think the next update will hold?

    well im back guys (it turns out they DID add the deerclops) yes it does seem like the walrus using a regular blow dart when you look closely. I am dissapointed by the lack of mushrooms too. well, off to play don't starve!