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  1. So, talking with a friend the other day (the one that got me into DS) I noticed we had very different approaches to exploring the map and starting a base. He gathers the ingredients for an axe and a couple of campfires and set to find the nearest road. From there, he follows the road until he finds a good place to set a base. So he basically goes through the island/continent/landmass thingie, until he finds a suitable place for a temporary/semi-temporary base. But, I personally like to go around it. I gather the ingredients for a backpack and an axe, get to the nearest border of the map, and follow it 'till I have marked the whole outside of the map (or a big part of it) gathering as much materials as possible. From there I follow the border of each biome I found and explore the inside of every one of them 'till I find a nice place to set a permanent or semi-permanent base (usually, near a beefalo herd, a big number of beehives or a town of pig houses). So, basically, he's an explorer while I'm a controlling maniac. Which one of us are you more alike? Or, if you're not anything like us, how's your technique to explore the ruthless wilderness?
  2. Ideally, you shouldn't take him on your own if you're not well prepared (and even then, IMO you shouldn't)that's a tree guard. It will chase you around until you start planting pine-cones.once it's planted, you can fire it up (like a regular tree) and could drop meat (that could either burn or get cooked, depends on your luck really).good luck!
  3. I think it would really makes things too easy... But there are ways to make it harder.What about your mount gets distracted while hungry? (Like pigs)Or it gets scared and run away if it is not near a fire while at night? (Again, like pigs)it shouldn't be a magic carpet ride, but a mount could exist.
  4. I agree with this, a tool that made picking grass and (to a lesser extent) berries would be berry useful (Pun completely intended and completely horrible).It gets kind of tiring picking grass for almost an entire day when your farm is too big.
  5. I completely agree with this. I've been living out of honey nuggets the last 15 days or so.Sure I hunt rabbits, and farm berries and have three small plots, but I generally end up making just nuggets because I have a surplus of honey.Just with two honey boxes and about 30 or so flowers planted around them I can make 6 to 10 honey daily. Plus, honey cures a lot of health and takes awfully long to spoil, so why not use it? I think we either need a little more motivation to go and get other types of food, or tweak the honey system so to not create such a surplus. (I know honey have already been tweaked once, but it obviously needs more work...)
  6. Did the two-layer wall worked so far? Because my wood wall pen only lasted 1 night before the Koely escaped.sneaky, sneaky creatures.
  7. "When dropped from inventory, Killer Bees immediately aggro the player. This makes releasing them near Hounds, Beefalo and Pigs a good idea. Large numbers of Bees are especially effective on Hounds weakening them." Quoting from wiki ( But, in my personal opinion, they don't serve for much. I think it's better to kill them and use the stingers to make darts.
  8. Thank you very much for this, it's being very useful! :applause:I used to need two or three chests to store my logs.
  9. [MENTION=7492]stormfront[/MENTION]: I see, thank you very much for the welcoming! I've actually been lurking around, and I decided: what the hell? May as well post. [MENTION=6990]TheVukelich[/MENTION]: I don't discard it, but I don't think that would be possible... Not even hounds running at me could pass beyond the walls... [MENTION=3309]Spazmatic[/MENTION]: So you think it would be good if I closed it completely and destroy one of the walls when I want to go in? [MENTION=10322]WX-78[/MENTION]: Well, first we need to teach him to be still [MENTION=6809]BarovSoap[/MENTION]: I actually don't like doing that. I think it takes too long finding, picking and feeding the flowers... What I do when I need manure is going to this are of my map with a huge plain and 4 families of beefalo, and pick the manure they drop for one or two days. I can get 40-50 with every travel and it usually lasts me enough for a week. [MENTION=8792]kaiwolff[/MENTION]: Aaawwww, I'm sure you'll find one eventually! (Bring protection, though, they hit hard!) [MENTION=8480]MisterLock[/MENTION]: Lucky! This one was smart enough to escape during the night. [MENTION=7067]Karma Hound[/MENTION]: That's what I thought too, but this one always gets to escape...
  10. So, I was hunting my first Koalefant the other day, when I got the idea of making a pen for it to get it's manure (I can easily get meat from pigs, so manure its more valuable to me).I chased it to my camp, and built this pen around it (Right now it is open, but when the Koalefant was inside it only had one free space for me to get in).A night passed and, the next day, when I went to get the manure, The Koalefant was gone. Gone.I looked around the camp and found it about 1 minute later, by some bushes.I chased it all the way to my camp again and get him inside the pen. Another night passes and, bam, is gone again. Somehow the Koalefant gets out of the pen at night. Is this a glitch, some kind of Houdini Koalefant, or have some of you experienced something similar?