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  1. holy cow that's a lot of requests lksdmfskldmfim sorry if it takes me a while to draw them all (and im sorry if i even skip a few), sometimes i have to wait for a boost of inspiration haha
  2. omg so many optionsi love all of you ok - - - Updated - - - thanks a ton!! <33
  3. That picture is making me hungry.Damn you don't starve delicious food artwork!
  4. Or he can get a huge ship and store all his gold in its basement.
  5. I guess it's kind of obvious whom I am picking~ <3
  6. haha i love this! making dont starve-selfies is a neat idea.His powers are awesome!
  8. samei love this omg - - - Updated - - - omg yours is too <33 thanks a lot!!
  9. this was actually a request i got from an anon at tumblr. wes being taller and stronger than wilson haha what if wes is actually really damn strong but he takes so long to kill something because he doesn't want to hurt it? - - - Updated - - - thats so cute haha
  10. my computer crashed right when i was finishing the Wx78xMaxwell request sobs well i still managed to save the beefalo one that's classy. - - - Updated - - - thanks!! uwu
  11. oh my gOD ADLSFKMALSKDFMAKLSDMFLKM I LOVE THISwes is so useless that he gets along with every passive creature in the gamethat are also uselessthey can only be used as food or baitjust like westhats some dark stuff i got here.
  12. drawin' it- - - Updated - - - omg dats cute
  13. sorry for taking so much to post this omg my power got out aah :c