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  1. I have a relentless storm outside. I would love to see rain in game c: +1
  2. Really want to see the preview video and to see the new Winter mechanic in action! MOAR CONTENT!
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Abigail kills Chester Steps to reproduce 1. Play Wendy; 2. Find Chester; 3. Wait for Abigail to visit you; 4. Make it so that Abigail hovers over Chester (pretty easy to do when Chester is immobile); 5. Watch poor bastard die. Describe your issue I understand that this is the way Abigail works and that the Chester is a creature in game (meaning he is meant to die like this), but Chester is like your ally, should he not have some kind of immunity from Abigail? I mean, our walls now do, why should Chester still die?
  4. I support [MENTION=10705]GracefulCure[/MENTION] idea, if we exclude the part where he suggests to remove the trade-able items +1 Something like a bone meal would be absolutely amazing, as well as gold dropping from graves. It just adds additional content to the game, the way it is and really does not hurt balance (we have Rot already, nothing can hurt balance more than Rot, lol). I, myself, use these trade-able items for decorative purposes around my base. That's right, I love myself some Lying Robot.
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform [*]Steam [*]Chrome Version Number 72968 Issue title Honey is Disbalanced Steps to reproduce 1. Get yourself some materials to create Beeboxes; 2. Start expanding the amount of Beeboxes you have; 3. Profit. Describe your issue Honey is a little bit too easily accessible and is too easily farmed. In other words, the Honey today is what Berries were back in the day, which made you implement a Gobbler. Now, with nothing stopping the player from farming Honey en masse this balance issue should be addressed.
  6. I pretty much agree with [MENTION=9806]Silvi[/MENTION], we already have a Gobbler that COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE ANNOYING. It runs around, eating berries for the sake of pissing you off (I'm not even sure it requires any sustenance at all). It came to the point that when I see Gobbler to run into the bush to sleep during the night, I just burn it -_-. I hate those gits.On the topic, we don't need an additional creature to Gobbler, it's a little bit counter-intuitive.
  7. Anything we're going to have really would help a lot. Whether we will be able to burn the stuff we don't need or feed it to a goat-backpack would be fine with me.If an easier adjustment, we could be allowed to use all kinds of items as fuel, but that can result in unfortunate accidents, so a designated item would be a lot better.
  8. I like how now we are going to have Winter to deal with, but we still cannot secure the light within our own stupid base! Beware, ladies and gentlemen, Winter is coming. The Reign of an overwhelming amount of campfires has only just begun.
  9. It would actually bring some kind of utility to the Bush Hat. Right now it is just kind of there for... no reason. OP, +1
  10. I agree with both above statements, just anything to light up my base. As it stands right now, you either have to build an incredibly compact base or you just have to fill it with campfires all over the place. Both are sub-optimal. OP: +1
  11. So... as a defective scientist pirate, you do not construct your ship outta them planks, but instead you do that from logs? o.O
  12. [MENTION=6805]LtShinySides[/MENTION] +1 As it stands right now, it's a little bit tasteless to look at.
  13. It adds a sense of progression to the game, but then again if some characters are easier to play than the others this progression is not consistent.
  14. Sandbox games can simply not exist without random encounters. Just look at Don't Starve's encounters right now: The cute little Chester and the fearsome Treeguard. It is absolutely amazing to have a lot more of such encounters, because as you repeat the game over and over, there will be little to no things that will happen unexpectedly. Having larger number of random encounters will make the game a lot more unpredictable, exciting and fun. [MENTION=2033]Palpetinus[/MENTION] +1 from me! P.S. - Thank you for TLDR