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Something about Wickerbottom...

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(Just beforehand, I have nothing against how they rendered Wickerbottom ingame, I just found this funny in my head.)


Ah, Wickerbottom, the elderly grandmother fig-

image.png.31f0ced35095eff71d3f704ce2405b37.png THAT'S IT?! FOREHEAD WRINKLES?!

Gracious, Wickerbottom has aged extremely well! Ingame, anyways.

The first time I saw Wickerbottom's Guest of Honor portrait, I was like W O W.

Image result for Don't Starve Together Wickerbottom

Look at how detailed her face is, it's amazing!

She looks like a proper elderly woman!



Alright then, let's look at the Survivor.

Image result for Don't Starve Together Wickerbottom

Truly a fine representation of an elderly woman in the wilderness.

Surely she would have aged in appearance-...




Image result for Don't Starve Together Wickerbottom



I can understand the Triumphant not having any signs of aging because magic and stuff, but even the portrait has SOME detail!

How does she keep her skin looking so young?!



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Man, I am NEVER using botox (even if I was so inclined to begin with, which I'm not) ever since...well ever since I watched this:

How Little to Kill You?

(ignore all the comments about "So and so much kilogram of cat will kill me?  AAAA!"  :P)

...yikes.  Anyway, I figure she's either doing some freaky evil magic thing, or maybe she just naturally DOES look younger than her age and the portraitists only hear how old she is as a number without seeing her, so they keep getting it wrong. After all, this is true of lots of real-life people...

...although having nice smooth skin is highly unlikely while being outside in ALL THE WEATHER ALWAYS, so...

...yeah she's definitely doing some kind of evil ritual involving blood sacrifices over a touchstone at night while everyone else is asleep.  Yep.


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I've been aware of her having a cat, but I realized that Webber's Grandfather had a cat as well, so maybe Wickerbottom is Webber's grandmother. That would explain her spot in the lore, which I haven't seen anyone commenting about anywhere. Also, Maxwells Quote when examining Wickerbottom's Ghost is "You know the price of revival as well as I do."

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