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  1. After getting sunburnt, the dupes go to a med-bed to heal, but upon getting cured they immediately get a new sunburn with a reset cure-timer. Info: Medical Bay--Standard Med-Bed
  2. A building qued will display that it is unreachable unless a duplicate inside a suit is within build range
  3. I had an instance today where my first built algae terrarium was not absorbing CO2, but instead simply emitting oxygen for algae and water. I was about to go into another biome, and in doing so had to deconstruct it. After a restart the error went away, however, it had devastating effects on my early colony. I apologise for my lack of pictures, I didn't think to take one, so I will be as detailed as possible here Under details where it states emitting Oxygen x g/s, using water x g/s etc, the absorbing CO2 was completely gone. There was plenty of CO2 build up, as you would expect after not scrubbing for 12 cycles. No Light for efficiency added
  4. I have this issue as well. After I loaded up the save a second time and moved it CO2 began to be consumed. Upon hovering over it, it shows all the current rates, and CO2 does not appear. Let's hope they see this, as this is a game breaker for inexperienced players. The bug carried over to the full update release