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Pig King?

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Are you talking about meat and veggies, or do the pigs accept grave items as well? Never tried it or heard anything about it in that case :)

I was talking specifically about meat, as they keep talking about it. Also, I was trying to be mysterious, but ended up being plain confusing, sorry about that :D
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I gave him a piece of meat and got gold, but grave trinkets are probably more efficient, unless you have an endless supply of meat figured out (do tell).

Set up a spider farm near a pig village, get the two to fight and you have yourself a meat farm, then you can trade in the cooked meat for gold (having not handed it in raw yet) this gives you unlimited gold, research points and tools, you just have to watch out for that full moon... i ran around my campfire for a minute and a half straight waiting for morning... it was like a benny hill sketch
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i traded with him yesterday gave him 32 cooked morsel and he gave me 32 gold now i didnt need to worry about axes because i researched the luxus axe already ^^ man this guy is a gold mine but i wonder did he turn into a giant werepig to on fullmoon it would be hilarious to see a giant werepig thats to fat to chase you so he just try to steamroll you over XD

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Morsels work just as well!!Dont give him monster meat tho: he only looks at you with a condescending air and goes back to staring at the trees. If you have a lot of monster meat, a good way of "converting" monster meat to regular meat is to take the following steps::) 1. Get as many pig friends as you can with all ur monster meats:) 2. Chop down trees with your pig friends until Optimus Pine comes out.:) 3. Let all your pig friends get massacred. (Don't have pity: remember their true nature...):) 4. Collect all the meat! It's like a monster-meat-to-normal-meat factory!!

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