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  1. it was day 37, the camp was going well, 3rd island, 10 pig houses, a pig king and a level 3 spiders nest. I ventured to the north east island to gather some stone from the quarry, with night approaching i set off to return home, once I arrived though i was ambushed by 10 were pigs for the first time, unaware they existed till this point in time. I try to out run them by sprinting to an unexplored island to the south east... only to find 4 more were pigs in a small town... with no materials left to make a torch and the were pigs too fast to make a fire...
  2. Well i think the smaller inventory is suited for those who would prefer a harder difficulty, and those upset and wanting the larger stacks would be better suited to an easier difficulty, allowing the 2 audiences to be catered to simultaneously.
  3. well i think that a lot of people were unhappy about the inventory changes, i think it's a good example of why a difficulty scale is needed now rather then later.
  4. well i think we need to post more about it to get them to take this one seriously, cause they're going to end up alienating a large group of players if they don't hurry up and add it.
  5. As the game is, it's trying to balance between these two difficulties, for those who enjoy taking their time a little and building a base in the wilderness, and those who want the game more difficult so they have to stay on the move to survive, so rather then try and please both parties and end up upsetting everyone, add a difficulty setting and please everyone properly. -Easy/Casual . *Item stacks are higher . *Item endurance is possibly higher . *research carries over -Hard/Masochist . *Limited Item stacks . *Items break easily (Double their usage) . *Resources are rarer (berry bushes/stone) . *Research resets every play-through . *No pine cones/Limited pine cones . *Leaderboards
  6. leave berries as they are, why is it people are determined to make this game so you can't survive if you don't keep exploring?
  7. Holy Crap, I had a WTF?! moment, i just went back to my camp past the berry bushes and saw my first gobbler lmao
  8. I think i figured it out, the problem people are having with were-pigs not turning back, when they have something to do or attack it stops them turning back, so if you have them in a pig village, if somehow pigs start to spawn in the houses cause a were-pig died or they started fighting, they'll start killing the newly spawned pigs and stay transformed, same if you have spider nearby or something.
  9. Well check out my suggestion thread, I figured a saddle for beefalo with saddle bags would be a nice alternative to a back pack.
  10. I think it would be a good idea if the cost was high enough to suggest that you have been capable of surviving the night all on your own, kind of like an end game recipe. You could add a work bench inside that unlocks furniture recipe's, beds, wardrobes, more permanant versions of previous items including light sources. Say 1000 research points and like 20 planks, 30 cut stones. sounds like something you wouldn't be able to just put together the moment you start. Outward appearance could resemble a pigs house, maybe slightly more impressive.
  11. It is on steam, and it happened in multiple villages in one playthrough, unfortunately i couldn't keep running for more then 3 days as i ran out of wood i had to drop into the fire... i am working to reproduce the results again, but i have to make it to day 9 or 27
  12. I noticed the same thing, i even used cooked berries and got them straight back, these pigs have a digestive system like a shark, takes forever, I love it... my pigs don't.. but i do XD
  13. I have a nice little pig city i like to live in, only problem is on the 9th day (full moon) they transform and don't turn back, on the 12th day i was still running around avoiding them and trying out run the ones that were following me which is next to impossible... aren't they meant to turn back come the end of the night by the morning of the 10th day?
  14. Set up a spider farm near a pig village, get the two to fight and you have yourself a meat farm, then you can trade in the cooked meat for gold (having not handed it in raw yet) this gives you unlimited gold, research points and tools, you just have to watch out for that full moon... i ran around my campfire for a minute and a half straight waiting for morning... it was like a benny hill sketch