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  1. Hey there! Welcome to the forums and to the game! You might want to search the forums before posting as your ideas have been suggested several times by several other fans. You can also visit my blog and click the suggestions link as I will post the more interesting suggestions and also links to the threads. LadyD and some of the fans have already gotten up a thread of the most constantly requested suggestions here.
  2. Mate, there are certain areas that have the rocks and stone. You need to explore the map. Be patient and explore. It's not that hard.
  3. Hey and welcome to the forums and to the game! First off, you might want to read this article, something the developers wrote to explain the intrinsic vs extrinsic behaviourism fundamentals they scaffolded the game upon. [1] About the land mass and circular islands, I feel that as a casual player, I like the feel of familiarity of the same map that I play in every time I do die. If you wish to have a different world, you can click New World at the menu. About the random generation, I suppose it would be more difficult to do it at the programming end. I mean, they are a small indie developer company. For something that grand (I say it's grand because look at Diablo 3), I'm not sure if they can do it. [2] Honestly, I like it that the camping area is not too dangerous. Yes, I'd rather have the time to continue farming (and not grinding, mind you) for logs and searching for stone lodes, but as a casual gamer, I like the night time to be for me to do some small time farming or thinking which items to make because I do have different strategies for every time I die (I've only been at my 5th attempt). Furthermore, it's an excellent time for me to wait out and relax from the 'work' during the day and anticipate the save so that I can quit the game to do other stuff. And personally to me, and I think to many other players, the sounds at night (if you do use noise cancelling headphones and play the game in the dark) are enough to scare you. Even if you know it's just a jackalope (rabbit) running back to its hole. It's definitely a possible idea for more hardcore gamers, but for the general audience of casual gamers, I think the night time is just nice. [3] I don't think the idea was to grind: in fact, if you read the article, they wanted to remove the grinding aspect from the game. Personally, I don't feel like it's a grind at all. When I died, it had a very intimate and remorseful effect on me and all the items I built had gone. But I learnt a bigger lesson: don't mess with the Beefalos without a log suit and run towards the swamp. So, to me, it's a consequence I had to face having poked a Beefalo and being chased across the map and then die. So the next time when I build my stuff, I'll remember my mistake and not do it again and basically be more prepared. With the hammer present now, I think the intrinsic value of the items you build will decrease because you can basically destroy them for items and move your base camp elsewhere. [4] When you said that the game was too easy, how was it easy? I mean if I wanted to survive as long as possible without getting any research done, I could just grind grass, twigs, flint, logs and have a berry bush farm and just survive. I'd probably go up to 500 days. If you were like me and some others who prefer to explore the map and create challenges for yourself, oh I don't know, like having a pig army fight tentacles and frogs and clear the swamp (now that's an idea, seeing I hate the swamp), well, maybe the chances of you dying would be higher. Of course, you also have the choice of being an Oppressor and killing everything you find on the island. That too comes with its fair share of fatal consequences. So when you say easy, it's easy and it's difficult depending on how you choose to play it. That's just my opinion. All in all, I think you should read the philosophy behind the game first. Maybe then you'd have an idea why Don't Starve isn't another Minecraft or Terraria. Cheers!
  4. If you guys prefer a compiled list of tips and guides, visit my blog! The URL is in my signature. Cheers!
  5. The fire, campfire or fire pit, already protects you from the darkness. I think something like might a bit much in a survival game, unless it required some difficult item to get. Not sure bout how the other fans feel about this though.
  6. And I forgot to heal my health and now my Willow just died after 10 days (my longest yet). Can I cry?
  7. I wanted to get charcoal so I lit up a campfire near some young tree from pinecones that I planted. It was quite a distance from my farm of 8 Berry Bushes. But it was too near. Because I had chopped down the burnt tree, the charcoal dropped a bit too near the bushes and my farm of berry bushes all burnt up. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH. Ok. Relax. *goes for berry bush hunt*
  8. Music made me a bit dizzy but I like the part where Wilson goes really fast! Hahaha...
  9. Ah my bad! Fixed the typo and made the edit in the post. Cheers mates!
  10. I used to think that top sellers list are the ones that Steam would wanna promote. Not sure if they truly reflect sales. Well, it's possible innit? I wish they show the ranks and sale numbers though. It'd make more believable. But then again, it could affect sales.
  11. Oh man! I wish that would happen to me! It hasn't (yet). Awesome mate. No worries. Enjoy the game!
  12. I absolutely seeing people playing the game for the first time. Haha... Awesome vids! Keep em coming!