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[probably debunked theory] forge is inside Shipwrecked.


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55 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Something that was suggested to me by a friend is that the Forge takes place in the Volcano of Shipwrecked. 

Mainly connection to "boars", "monkeys", and "Crocodiles".

This wasn't made by me, just posting for a friend.

I don't think Shipwrecked is even really canon.  If it is, it's some sort of AU. It shows that the survivors exist in that universe (which they can't, because they're already in the standard realm of DST) and that Maxwell is still in control (which he isn't.)

Another MASSIVE thing is that the volcano erupts in SW--if I'm not mistaken--which makes it uninhabitable.

Taking Pugna's dialogue into consideration, it doesn't really describe Shipwrecked at all:

"We were severed from the Throne."

"Trapped in a realm of stone and fire,"

"With no scepter to provide for us."

However, it would make sense that The Forge isn't the entirety of whatever realm Pugna is in. In fact, it's likely just a small section of it. For example; where do they eat? Where do they sleep? Why would the entire realm just be a fighting pit? Where are the enemies teleporting in from? Where did they get their resources?



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7 hours ago, EthanTheMime said:

I don't think Shipwrecked is even really canon. 

I wouldn't be too sure anymore. I never considered it canon, but with the introduction of the Gateway and multiple realms beyond the Constant, it could be.

There are some inconsistencies—such as the seaworthy's existence, but the possibility of Shipwrecked canon is much better than it was before.

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3 hours ago, minespatch said:

Loremaster @KrisRF said different n a RWP. They are building lore for Shipwrecked but at the moment its on the backburner since Hamlet is important right now.

I guess we'll have to wait and see. To be totally honest, I think we can already rule out SW being The Forge with the aforementioned evidence as well as in-game/lore inconsistencies,  but knowing that SW will get lore means that it could possibly be another realm, if anything.

But who knows, given how Klei still has room for changing things here and there (and considering they're writing lore for SW as it is) it wouldn't surprise me if they pulled something off.

If anything, it can't take place at the same exact time of The Forge, likely before or after. They seem present in the realm, given how things still have magical properties, and  Maxwell is somehow in control (which is even cemented in the animated trailers). 

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I've always thought Shipwrecked IS a part of the main Don't Starve realm, and it's just a technology reason keeping us from sailing straight off into the islands from the Reign of Giants world, rather than an actual _story_ reason.  Basically the reason we have to use the Seaworthy to get there is because we have to for real life reasons, not because it actually IS another world. The game just needs to _treat_ it like another world.  After all, you go through a loading screen and (the first time) a world-gen process when you enter the caves, too--are THEY another world?  (Well, MAYbe...but when the Antlion is pissed off on the surface, rocks can still get you underground and hound/depths worms attacks are synced--so yeah, it's connected.)

Shipwrecked and the FORGE being connected, however...nah.  Not feeling that one. It's almost a clever idea? until you remember that the friggin' volcano erupts _all summer every summer_.  : P


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I think the Forge is the Fire Lands Maxwell mentions when inspecting a Redbird.

Who knows, there might be hints toward other possible event dimensions already in the game. Charlie's up to something, either drawing power from the portal or manipulating it to send the survivors off to conquer problem areas; with the possibility of future events mentioned, the Forge might just be the start.

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