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Are thermal properties of the materials in ONI equivalent to the values IRL?

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59 minutes ago, Tobruk said:

IRL meaning in real life for the uninitiated :)

There are two answers, depending on what you mean by "thermal properties":   'thermal constants', or 'thermal behavior'.

  Generally the physical constants are taken from real life, so yes, as far as they go.  If you're interested in actual thermal behavior, not just constants, then no, it's not that similar to real life.  This is because, mainly, 

1. No ideal gas law

2. No radiation.

3 No convection

4. No heat of phase change.

5 No variable spec heats for solids and gases, due to quantum considerations for low temperatures for solids, and ideal gas law for gases.


2 and 3 are the most significant in my eyes, if we're strictly talking about 'thermal' behavior.  For overall realism, 1 is obviously the biggie.

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