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  1. Empty pipe commands after load

    Yes, that was it. Thank you
  2. I read your post twice and I still can't quite grasp it. You mention using it to cool something that is below 125 and yet you present us with builts for geysers that are incredibly hot (around 500C). Are you by any chance using the "averaging" mechanic you mentioned to trick the steam engine, thinking it is receiving (on average) 200C and not 500C by using the cold steam?
  3. After loading the save random empty pipe commands are being issued. This has happened many time already. The Hospital Error occured.sav
  4. I'm just as excited as everyone else and responded without having read the rest.
  5. Say the conveyor loader has three types of raw mineral. It first drops one type, then the second, and then the third one, instead of outputting the first one until it runs out it.
  6. save, exit game, load that save - all points of interests can be read yet again, ad infinitum
  7. The sweeper continuously tries to deliver berry sludge, but no "delivery" message ever pops up. The issue stops if you disable all from container and then enable again, but it can reoccur later. This particular setup is not relevant, as I have other sweeper setups elsewhere and they share the same problem.
  8. [Game Update] - 284571

    We could haul massive hatches from other planets, just as we do with cows. They would eat regolith in large quantities.
  9. I'm not talking from a perspective of realism, but gameplay. One of the game's core mechanics is heat, and so tying stuff like germs to heat is a more reasonable approach that letting people dump chlorine into water. What challanges does it pose? How is this challanging? Everyone can amass hundreds upon hundreds of kg of chlorine even without a geyser with storage compactors full of bleach stone and pump it into the water. Instead you must learn to insulate cold/hot water, spend electricity to get it to perfect temperature, design systems to generate that energy, build proper infrastructure. Choosing chlorine is a surefire way of making liquid heat management obsolete.
  10. Have everyone here forgot that there is this super mysterious way of decontaminating called heating/cooling? Maybe... just maybe they want to keep it the only way to decontaminate? No, I'm reaching too far... Hm.