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  1. It'd be interesting to see what percentage of players likes which part of the game the most. My reasoning for late-game: tinkering with existing infrastructure all tech unlocked transitioning away from native asteroid resources to resources brought from space
  2. What temp do you need the steam heat source at? 2C above abyssylite melt temp? Could molten steel heated up by piped molten steel work better? Also, why the two different gases? I did not understand a word from @mathmanican explanation of temp decrease when steam travels downwards (or something??).
  3. You will be cooling the molten steel this way and it will solidify. The glitch allows for no-contact pumping.
  4. Yes. In short: build ice machines out of steel let them operate continuously until they melt (they don't have overheat temp) use pump glitch mechanics to pump the molten steel into insulation insulated pipes use metal refinery to heat up the molten steel even more, up to the abyssalite melting temperature use it to melt abyssalite or insulation I don't think rockets will generate the necessary heat nor inject it into abyssalite efficiently, though it sounds simpler than what I proposed.
  5. I restored the dead links and added some clarification where I felt my old self left things unsaid. Also, did you know that packet gaps are no longer a thing in the game (see: GAPS BETWEEN PACKETS) ? Yup, found out about this some time ago.
  6. Copy settings (/) to a new automated notifier. No tooltip description will be copied.
  7. After loading the save random empty pipe commands are being issued. This has happened many time already. The Hospital Error occured.sav
  8. I'm just as excited as everyone else and responded without having read the rest.
  9. Say the conveyor loader has three types of raw mineral. It first drops one type, then the second, and then the third one, instead of outputting the first one until it runs out it.
  10. save, exit game, load that save - all points of interests can be read yet again, ad infinitum