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  1. I think you haven't understood the question. It's not about debris, but tiles of regolith. And tiles can definitely be crushed.
  2. Set up a kill chamber with lower priority drop off point and your problem will be solved There are many designs out there and I'm on mobile so can't post any. For example a horizontal door right above a puddle of liquid, if shut closed, creates a full tile of liquid beneath and drowns the critter
  3. The max weigh of a debris is 20t so either way you're creating the same amount of pieces of debris
  4. Give people a tiny opportunity to use this gen and the second you look back brothgar will be pushing water up with doors
  5. By extension I mean a module that is the size of a normal rocket modules but weighs nothing (could look like metal scaffolding) and can be built over with a functional module later. Rockets can be sent with extensions attached no problem so you can adjust for other planets later.
  6. Just in case you were asking for real - the building itself is marked as "tinkerable" in the code, but does not generate tinker errands.
  7. Yes, there are two "schools of thought". One is - maximise heat deletion by eating, and second - transfer that heat elsewhere. Not to say one is necesarily wrong.
  8. Has the bug been fixed? I don't want to bother with the build if I can't tinker.
  9. he explained it in the vid - his reasoning is that the puked regolith is the coolant. By building it in the roof you're preventing the coolant from interacting with the building and no amount of thermium will save you