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  1. With no reed fiber around I can't make atmosuits and to get them, I have to go to space. There seems to be no way of injecting oxygen directly into the rocket, so I'm thinking the only way to supply it is via an atmosuit or an oxygen mask. How do you guys keep these little fellas on an orbit if they immediately suffocate?
  2. Can't find any fiber on my asteroid and on the connected asteroid from the teleporter, so I can't built atmosuits and I absolutely hate the oxygen masks. Also if you build over an existing tile to change its type (let's say carpet -> normal) you won't get the materials refund. So the carpet from the POI ruins is wasted. What can I do?
  3. I restored the dead links and added some clarification where I felt my old self left things unsaid. Also, did you know that packet gaps are no longer a thing in the game (see: GAPS BETWEEN PACKETS) ? Yup, found out about this some time ago.
  4. Copy settings (/) to a new automated notifier. No tooltip description will be copied.
  5. After loading the save random empty pipe commands are being issued. This has happened many time already. The Hospital Error occured.sav
  6. I'm just as excited as everyone else and responded without having read the rest.
  7. Say the conveyor loader has three types of raw mineral. It first drops one type, then the second, and then the third one, instead of outputting the first one until it runs out it.
  8. save, exit game, load that save - all points of interests can be read yet again, ad infinitum
  9. The sweeper continuously tries to deliver berry sludge, but no "delivery" message ever pops up. The issue stops if you disable all from container and then enable again, but it can reoccur later. This particular setup is not relevant, as I have other sweeper setups elsewhere and they share the same problem.