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  1. I'm not really interested in the build but you just made me realise why almost nobody makes GIFs of their builds. So much more informative and cool to see.
  2. If your asteroid type lacks a certain type of goods than you'd be able to access it later down the line at the late-game with the use of rockets. Aaand it would make the Star Map even more diverse than it currently is. So?
  3. No. Keep the pool small or you'll be waiting for eternity for it to cool down. Imagine dropping a mere 30kg of ice into a pool that has 100 tonns of water in it.
  4. Then dump the ice into the water using a dispenser (machine that drops delivered items down) or an automated door under the ice machine that opens for 1 sec every day for example.
  5. I'm just as excited as everyone else and responded without having read the rest.
  6. Say the conveyor loader has three types of raw mineral. It first drops one type, then the second, and then the third one, instead of outputting the first one until it runs out it.
  7. save, exit game, load that save - all points of interests can be read yet again, ad infinitum
  8. You know how it goes - diversification of sources
  9. I've got the out of memory error again, I think this time the output_log will contain some useful information. Could you help me again, please? https://pastebin.com/be6g7r1n It looks like this in-game:
  10. I can see that they have an identifier like 93056 - how do I find these tiles? Is it like counting from left to right, top to bottom? Or other naming scheme?
  11. Was this an intended feature? Inspect an element - new material uncovered Inspect that element once again - no new material Reload the game Inspect that element once again - new material uncovered ad infinitum (or until all materials are read)
  12. He already said that it feeds slicksters - then you end up with oil or petroleum directly.
  13. @fredhp @kerosene @Nightinggale @Gurgel here's the output_log in its entirety, sorry for late reply: https://pastebin.com/vkUv8WUv