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  1. Generators have built-in priority of 5 that cannot be changed. Meaning, that if you have any other operating errands (like running a metal refinery), generators won't be tinkered that often, even if your electricians have operating at >>. Changing that priority would help immensely.
  2. I'll follow some of my electricians to check Thanks
  3. I would have assumed it's tinkering with a generator, but I've seen "tinker" as a separate errand type on duplicant list, so now I'm lost.
  4. If possible to estimate (assuming ranchers are always nearby the stables): How many critters can be groomed constantly by one rancher? If not possible to give an estimate: What are easy ways of checking if my ranchers are keeping up with the grooming tasks (without checking all the critters each cycle to check for the buff)
  5. Wouldn't that be awesome? We already can control the germs we store in the base via the chlorine whirlpool machine, so why not temperature?
  6. So, the tooltip (yeah, good source of knowledge, I know) says they excrete 20 kg cycle IF fed properly. I do feed them properly, they got arbour trees for eternity and more. And so, if I wanted to feed their dirt into a fertiliser maker, which consumes 65 g/sec (39 kg/cycle), I only need two pips. Is that correct?
  7. I think you get just enough seconds to open the doors (powered!) with the underground scanner, even if you've got no coverage. EDIT: @Argelle I just browsed my previous posts about rockets and I might have forgotten some details and mislead you. Here's the thread. So basically during meteor shower the underground scanner dips to 0%, just as you said in the OP.
  8. EDIT: Ooops, I basically said the same thing as @Xuhybrid. You can actually build a third scanner underground and set it to detect rockets. The interesting thing is that as long as other two scanners have access to the sky, the third one will leech off that coverage for the purposes of detecting rockets. And you'll always have it active, no matter the bunker doors.
  9. Hi, I'm more or less familiar with the mechanics behind pips and I can't figure out why this pip isn't planting there. I've turned on agricultural overlay so you can see clearly that there are no other plants nearby. The seeds are laying on the ground.
  10. The Hospital Error occured.sav There is some CO2 there. Here's the file (ignore the name )
  11. Well, I personally go for 9x11 and plug off some of the odd tiles to get 96. This way you get full sweeper range plus less vertical space.
  12. Schedule tweaking

    In the earlier versions (that I'm more "fluent" with) there was a stamina mechanic. Maybe it's still there. Basically each second of sleep would make stamina go up, and each second of active time would decrease it. If it fell to 0%, the dupe would involuntarily take a nap. Also, some dupes are better off working in the night if they're a "night owl", which you can check in their skill tab, I think. Make them work in the night and sleep three blocks in the morning or so. If you've got an early bird get him to work instantly after waking up and make up for the lost free time later. I'm not quite sure if sleeping less than normal incurs any morale penalties (unless when they sleep on the ground, then definitely yes). But you definitely lose on precious day time if they go to sleep then.
  13. How do you understand it? Frankly I don't know what they meant by that. 73% of exposure? In seconds? Compared to what other exposure - oxygen?
  14. Didn't they say a while ago that they'll try to account for the germ count of the gas (more germs > more likely to catch a disease)?
  15. I'm not really interested in the build but you just made me realise why almost nobody makes GIFs of their builds. So much more informative and cool to see.
  16. The meter on the steam turbine shows 50% efficiency, but 50% of 1275 is 630 Watts, whereas the steam turbine tooltip says that it produces merely 400 Watts. EDIT: I can't even check it in the report, because I have several steam turbines.
  17. If your asteroid type lacks a certain type of goods than you'd be able to access it later down the line at the late-game with the use of rockets. Aaand it would make the Star Map even more diverse than it currently is. So?
  18. No. Keep the pool small or you'll be waiting for eternity for it to cool down. Imagine dropping a mere 30kg of ice into a pool that has 100 tonns of water in it.
  19. Then dump the ice into the water using a dispenser (machine that drops delivered items down) or an automated door under the ice machine that opens for 1 sec every day for example.
  20. For example here Otto feels the urge to use jetpack, although it is completely unnecessary.
  21. I'm just as excited as everyone else and responded without having read the rest.
  22. Say the conveyor loader has three types of raw mineral. It first drops one type, then the second, and then the third one, instead of outputting the first one until it runs out it.