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  1. Reservoirs could hold unlimited gas in dev build alpha three delta, and it's still the same world, so...your problem/complaint is solved. Anyone who wants more cooling, just direct them to the borg cube--still the same world. None of these still work in the current build, but it's still the same world, so, just 'remember' them working, and we'll all be ok--this is the point that you're making here? For me, when a patch comes out, it's a new world, where what worked before no longer did, and vice versa, as if God had wiped the slate clean and drawn a similar but still new picture; but you present an interesting alternative viewpoint.
  2. Looks like I edited my comment with the same idea you responded with, so it's a pretty obvious idea. "But maybe the reactor could have an ideal temperature, causing it to work faster or give better conversions? " Given proper tuning, the ideal input temp with lessening efficiency outside it could eliminate some of the fixed-output temp complaints as well. It's kinda a no-brainer...perhaps we should pause here to see if anyone dislikes the idea. p.s. if you're talking about 'dealing with sour gas' productively, that should involve removing the sulfur, which would turn it back into sweet natural gas. sour gas liquifying into naphta makes no sense whatsoever, sour gas is just natural gas with like .1% hydrogen sulfide, it takes a very small amount of H2S to make the gas unusable as H2S is so corrosive. Technically crude oil with a high sulfur content is also called sour crude, but the ppm of sulfur in crude oil before it's called 'sour' is much much higher as compared to natural gas. The other strange thing about ONI terminology is that naphta IRL is actually the main component of gasoline, I mean honestly here in the US if I'm reading a newspaper, petroleum = crude oil, and naphta = main ingredient in gasoline = what you put in your car as fuel. what you put in yoru car is basically naphta plus a smaller amount of reformate, which is basically naphta which goes through a catalytic process that converts paraffins to alkanes, raising the octane rating, plus some other streams blended in to arrive at the proper blend.
  3. That doesn't sound like interesting depth so far, that sounds like pseudo-depth. Real depth would have been toning down the old oil crackers instead of obliterating them, so that building a custom oil cracker would still be more energy efficient than just running the single building, but not an order of magnitude more efficient. Just splitting up into more buildings is mainly cosmetic, if we want to add depth to 'magic boxes' we need to add complexity by making them react to input conditions in a more complex way, i.e., the way crops used to have ranges of acceptable conditions, make a range of acceptable temps to go into the distillation chamber, for example, could even have the efficiency of the reaction inside that magic box vary according to a curve depending on that temperature. You referenced the fact that that input ranges don't matter earlier but instead of proposing they be made to matter you proposed splitting one machine into a bunch of little machines. Wouldn't the first step to tackle the problem 'input conditions don't matter' simply be to make them matter? I suppose in a sense this would add more small machines to the process, i.e. if we add temperature pre-conditions to the existing oil refinery, then people would build a precooler/preheater step before the refinery.
  4. wringing every drop of efficiency out of a build is literally the opposite of a goldberg machine, sorry. Your terminology seems quite mixed up here, you keep saying a very efficient machine is a goldberg machine, which is just bizarre; you keep saying that a refinery does the same thing as your machine, but then explain exactly what makes them different, which means that they aren't the same. Same =/= similar, efficient =/= goldberg. There was plenty of room between the old conversion ratio and the energy conversion ratio of the pet. refinery to tone down oil cracking without turning your machine into a Goldberg machine, but Klei opted not to. I think that at the least Klei should be open about their intentions, do they want these complex machines to be viable, in general, or no. Currently it seems like they like complex machines that play weird songs, but nerf complex machines that do very efficient things. They have a roadmap but they've reached the end of it, and this is exactly the type of a question that a roadmap could answer.
  5. If they nerf everything, your complex functional machines will become complex Goldberg machines. If you love goldberg machines, you should be cheering these nerfs on. That's exactly what the sour gas nerf did, it turned complex but very powerful oil cracking machines into complex machines that didn't accomplish anything worthwhile...that's the exact definition of a Goldberg machine. This is important, everyone keeps saying they love complex machines, but many people just stop there without specifying further. Do they love complex overpowered machines? complex but balanced machines? or complex rube goldberg designs?
  6. They created the new oxylite maker and a new food calorie burn slider for this update, but forgot to require rocket ships to include the oxylite and any food storage, so yeah, this update is quite bare bones, if only in that the dupes would logically arrive at their destination as literal bare bones.
  7. I still don't see what space exploration has to do with the early game viability of wheezewort cooling; simply repeating your point won't make it relevant. I'm glad that you are excited about getting more wheezeworts from space exploration.
  8. Well, he was specifically asking about early game solutions, so I'm not sure space exploration is relevant for that exact question.
  9. Currently in EU, there are two main ways crude oil gets used to make power. 1. run through a petroleum refinery, and then into a petroleum generator. leaving out the NG from the refinery, this turns 4 kg of crude oil into 2 kg of petroleum, which makes 2000 Watts for 1 second, or 2000 joules of energy. 2. crack the crude oil into NG using magma. This turns 4 KG of crude oil into 4 kg of natural gas, which makes 800 watts for 44.4 seconds, which is 35555 Joules. You can see that this is roughly 18 times as much energy per kg of crude oil, which is a huge ratio. This is why method 2 needed to be nerfed, the machines to crack oil were quite complex, but that ratio was still just so high, and that was even after nerfing the ratio. A few patches ago the ratio was more like 50 to 1, but NG generators were nerfed and petroleum generators were buffed. Another nerf to the ratio of equal magnitude would have left it pretty balanced, but Klei just gave up and destroyed the thermal conversion altogether in RU, after only one halfhearted attempt to balance this process. I'm not sure why that is. You can still boil oil into petroleum, but boiling petroleum now results in sour gas.
  10. Sacrificing one of your ice biomes should be plenty of worts/ice to keep a base cold until you get to oil, although some people like to keep every single ice biome intact for the free sleet wheat. If you have decent NG geysers close to your base you could generate a fair amount of cold from your NGG farm, or a slush geyser solves your problem of course.
  11. You're not required to use the sieve or any other fixed output temp machines to cool the base, you could heat up petroleum and send it to rocket ships and/or pet gens, for example, neither of which is a fixed output temp machine. Or one can exploit some of the variable building based output temp machines to cool your base. oil to NG cracking was really OP, but Klei could balance these overpowered large complex machines instead of just nerfing them to the ground, which is what's actually happening. Is oil to petroluem magma cracking still viable, though?
  12. You quoted only part of that sentence, and are getting the wrong idea from the half sentence there. the water purifier previously 1. caused a magical loss of energy because pwater had greater SHC. (this is no longer true) 2. caused a magical loss or gain of energy because it had a fixed temp output, depending on the input temp. (This is still true. ) So, old water cooling designs will still work, just not quite as effectively.
  13. Mmm, right, that's how it works now. Ok, well it's up to Klei to fix it then, seems like simply reducing morale reqs is still the right way to go about it, just Klei has to implement it while dupes are sick.
  14. Does putting the dupe to 'unemployed' while in medbay prevent stress buildup? Seems like a rational workaround/solution.