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18 hours ago, minespatch said:

Why's Abigail crying?

What does that wrapping line represent?

It's actually Wendy :p She died.

Well I wanted to draw The life Amulet,but I was too lazy.The lines would represent it's magic.

16 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

Sure it's not Wendy? The flower's on the left side (that's how I tell them apart :p )

It is Wendy :p I never knew that! (Or let's say I never payed attention haha )

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On 1/11/2018 at 6:03 AM, minespatch said:

Just for kicks, have her sitting on the nightmare throne.:wilson_ecstatic:

I like how Willow looks. Nice work man.

Sure! XD   Thank you so much! 


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It was doubled?
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What other to say than Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a drawing of Wes and Wigfrid (This is actually the first time I drew Wes and Wigfrid). I like Wesfrid to be honest,so I drew it!


A bit off-topic: I hope you spend your Valentine's Day with your significant other,or if you're single with your loved ones! :wilson_love:


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