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Found 37 results

  1. Well hi there! I'm NightWonder7. I usually stay in the Don't Starve corner of this forum, and you can find my main art thread here Recently I have found myself sketching stuff from Oxygen Not Included several times. I don't own the game yet and have never played it, but I've seen some videos on You Tube and I've added it in my Steam wish list ^^; The duplicants are just adorable and I fell in love with them ^_^ Just imagine having an ant farm with them and watch them through the glass; working day in and day out OwO *ahem* Anyways, as I was saying, I've done some fan art sketches and tried to get more used to the style and colour schemes (still working on it ^^; I don't think I will get away so easily with the sketchy lines like in DS) Ideas started piling up too, and eventually I thought I might as well start an art thread for this game XD I'm opening this thread with a simple drawing of a dupe. My first digital ONI fan art in fact >_> I hope you like it, and that you also will like my future content ^^
  2. While waiting to actually be able to... *play* Eets Munchies, who knew with over 180 Steam games, I could become bored? So, this happened. ------------------------- If there's anything I love more than Eet, it's JoeW... Nevermind. I love AlbinoWyvern more than anything~ ------------------------- Okay, you get one too, Wade! ------------------------- I had to. ------------------------- ------------------------- Mm... I like this one!
  3. And to begin my journey in the fanart area Have a stupid OC pig thingy that my friends made up His name is Skidmark
  4. My friend @Zeklo got me the Snowy Glom Glom skin for Christmas, so to celebrate I drew the adorable little puff ball with my new art supplies! Admittedly I don't draw much DS art, but if I ever do get around to making more I'll change the thread's title and post it here. Edit: I can't decide if I like it unedited or not so have both lel
  5. I-I'm just gonna post some doodles and sketches and stuff so stay tuned if you're interested! This is just an OC of mine. Okay, that aside, here's some more stuff. ^^ There's much more you can see here, if you like... just be careful. Things can get PG-13+!
  6. So by those that don't know (pretty much most if not all, bless my inability to be so present to the forums) I tend to draw, quite a lot, mostly for art practicing, others to pass the time, and so and so, and of course, being in Don't Starve, I have been drawing that for a while, buuuut there is a thing, I kind of...don't have many ideas to draw other characters THIS is why this topic is here! "oh but what do you mean by that?" WEEEELLL I kind of tend to draw Wilson... A LOT... like... and most of the times, it goes into my own, weird ideas So yeah, does anyone have any situation ideas or just, any random suggestion without I could draw any character that is not, well, Wilson?
  7. Why, hello there! I have been putting this off for a while, but I've wanted to start an art thread here for quite some time now. Well, I think I'm finally inspired enough to do so. So, in the spirit of day-late-Halloween, I drew some art based on my absolute favorite game, Google's 2015 Global Candy Cup Don't Starve!
  8. Guess what? Bad art. -_-

    Hi! I'm new to the forums here. I played Don't Starve for a while in its early stages, then stopped for a while, and recently returned. And, of course, as with anything I think is amazing, I must draw some terrible art! (For those of you who know my deviantart (dragonunderthestairs) I will post things never before seen as well as some of that deviantart stuff as well. Here's a portrait of Wilson that just happened one lazy day True story Tell me if you want me to make any of the pics larger (Also how to do the spoilers? I know I could look at another thread but I'm too lazy)
  9. This is the one topic I will put all of my Don't Starve art and such! at the moment I only have one but I will post more! Wilson's Top Hat (THE FINGERS THOUGH)
  10. Hey folks, just wanted to share these with everyone. We stumbled upon Mustachossom's Tumblr blog a few days ago and found their Don't Starve fan art - their unique take on "missing" posters based on the characters. Check a few of them out here: If you want to check out the full set, be sure to visit Mustachossom's Tumblr!
  11. Adventure's and pictures Some examples of art I do
  12. Don't Starve Fan Art and Comic. Enjoy and thank you. More Wild Children coming soon. Wild Children - 00 - Newcomers Wild Children - 01 - Refined Quality Wild Children - 02 - Symphony of a Campfire Wild Children - 03 - The Survivor of the Night Wild Children - 04 - Sweet Berries Ready for Them Wild Children Brass Makers We Don't Starve
  13. I fall in love for the character Wendy, the little girl haunted by the ghost of her twin sister Abigail... So, after surviving 132 days with her (my record for now), I made a little fan art for Don't Starve with the two sisters. I hope you like it ^___^
  14. Hand tooled this leather cuff inspired by one of my favorite characters in "don't starve" Wolfgang! check out my FB page! https://www.facebook.com/Downtotherootstudio love this game!
  15. I really like Webber. I hope he will be a playable character.I already posted this picture on DeviantArt.
  16. I don't know what happened to the thing I submitted earlier... I'm new here and IM SO CONFUSED. oh well. C:
  17. LET WX-78 BE LOVED. Other than that, First post ever!
  18. Wall of "art"?! Hey, guys and gals! I'll start posting my fan art about Don't Starve here from now on. All kinds of critique and opinions are very welcome. I haven't drawn Don't Starve at all, so I'll be trying new techniques and so on... which means my work might change a lot over the course of time. I hope that you feel some kind of a connection with my work and that they resurface some old memories *This was my first picture of Don't Starve, I was just trying to get a feel for how Wilson looks like and I just added a little bit more to it, don't take it too seriously...
  19. I haven't made anything yet, but when I do I'll post my work here for all to enjoy.I actually came up with an idea of making some Don't Starve fan art in the art style of one of my favorite artists, Junko Mizuno. I remember reading an interview she did for High Fructose Magazine where she was asked what is her favorite subject for her art is and her answer was food, so I thought why not some fan art in her style?. Well, I'd thought it be a good idea.I can't post links of her art here because some of it is rather Not Suitable For Work. If your old enough (law-wise), Do a Google search (regular and image) and see for yourself what I'm talking about.Anyway, tell me what you think.
  20. I am back and am coming out with more art... I hope that you stay tuned to see it.
  21. Hello there, people! Well, there isn't much to say actually~ I love Don't Starve, I love Wilson, I love what you can do, I love drawing. Combine those things and it's not hard to see what will happen x3 Anyways, I will combine the comic I'm drawing on with single pictures I might add another time, to avoid opening another thread...since I have no idea if that would make sense anyway. Any new update with the story will be shown in the starting-post and its own spoiler. I don't know how regulary I will be able to update but...hey; the first three pages (cover and introduction) are in color x'D Hope you'll have fun guys~ Oh, and when you find a (NEW), there's one or more updates in that section :3 Comic (NEW) Chapter 1 (NEW) General Fan-Art (NEW) Sketches (NEW)
  22. Hey, I just made a Fan Art for Don't Starve. This is the original picture: http://www.gry-online.pl/i/h/4/489697046.jpg (I can't draw without inspiration from other pictures)http://blarkio.deviantart.com/art/Don-t-Starve-Fan-Art-358711623?ga_submit_new=10%253A1362922788Took me a few hours. Hope you like it. ~
  23. Like or dislike ;b http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=136201455 - - - Updated - - - Post your own links, guys
  24. Hey Don't Starve Fans and Fannets. Been playing this game since the early beta and just got around to registering to the site. I'm not the best artist. (and in fact I don't consider myself one at all) BUT I do like to doodle from time to time and lately Don't Starve has siphoned my interest. So be gentle. ^^;First on the list of pictures is an original character idea.Spiice & Wibit"Stop that, Wibit.". Frogs won't attack her. Wibit takes a small portion of all food. So, this is Spiice. Techno-Witch and her trusty frog companion Wibit.What makes Wibit special compared to the other frogs? Well..for one Wibit doesn't try to kill Spiice, and he follows her around like a pet simply for cosmetic purposes.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just a quick sketch of Wilton from the unused characters thus far.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A birthday gift of a friend's character, who we have named..Weldersnap!Weldersnap"Not sure I like them watching me sleep.". Loses Sanity quicker, smaller sanity pool.. Increases her strength the less sanity she has. So this was a birthday gift for a friend, titled "Birthday Madness".The idea behind the character is being a Succubus, she has a natural affiliation with the other world. Gaining strength from them, at the cost of her own humanity. And just for silliness, they are throwing her a party. <flails arms cheerfully>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just a small doodle of a cute, sleeping Koalefant. ^_^------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just a drawing of everyones favorite, easily killable mime, Wes!Feedback is of course greatly appreciated, and any suggestions are awesome as well. And here is my Deviant Art Page just in case some were interested. http://slashermovies.deviantart.com/gallery/42623965