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Found 48 results

  1. Ria's Papyrus Pad

    Ok so I realized that a couple people actually like my DS comic: Wilson meets Red. So I decided to post it here with a couple other crossover art pieces. Comic page 1: Page 2 part 1: Page 2 part 2: Comic page 3: I personally love some of Red's expressions in the first two pages XD Here are a few others I did before/during the comic. Science Machine: Carrots: Wilson's Squirrel Problem: And lastly, comic page 4: Edit: Should I post all my DS related work here or just keep updating my off-topic art thread with them?
  2. Hi! :3 I am new to the forums,so if I do anything wrong please tell me. Anyways,I made this topic to post my not so great fan art ;u; Here's the first one: Very bad quality,I know,I know... I wanted to take a better picture,but I couldn't find the paper ;-;
  3. I haven't posted in the forums for a looong time and I thought it'd be cool to share some of my works !! My tumblr is and I'll sometimes post my work on there, too! I'm a big fan of Willow so most of my artwork's mostly about her. I also run a sideblog for Ember, the wyvernling from my ds rp group the Famine Friends: My steam's Shadowtime! this was a quick test w/ an old photograph theme !! and some doodles of Ember !! @Pink_Infatuation is gma :') and my most recent, wilson's forge skin! spams over; stay tuned !!
  4. I'd love to see the player statistics and player time statistics of the various characters to see who gets and doesn't get play, but let's talk about Willow, again. I know, I know. It's been done a lot, maybe even to death, but if you don't want to read ANOTHER thread about Willow, GOOD NEWS! There's other threads! I know, WEIRD! You can just ignore this one. It is actually possible, I know. I've done it! Anyhow, so, Willow is broken. By now we all know her abilities and weaknesses, and she's boring sauce. Sorry, she is, so, no long arguments for or against (at least for now), let's just get to the brass tacks. 1) "Has a sweet lighter." Give Willow her Lighter back. Willow should start the game with Willow's Lighter in her inventory. It should have no durability. It should restore her sanity at +10 Sanity/Min (edit: as she was in DS). If Willow drops her lighter and a character other than Willow picks it up (or if the Willow that picks it up already has a Willow's Lighter), it becomes a normal torch. If Willow has no Lighter, when the player makes a Torch or picks up a torch, it magically becomes Willow's Lighter. (also, no cooking on a Lighter, that's just stupid...) 2) "Immune to fire damage." Give Willow her Fire Immunity back. Willow should have 100% immunity to fire. Fire is a rare damage source that makes the immunity an extremely niche power, and requires a lot of time and investment in order to leverage (ie: fire farms). The Firefly fight is the only fight where her fire immunity could give Willow's player any real advantage, otherwise fire is a very dangerous weapon, because it tends to destroy loot. 3) "Lights fires when nervous." Give Willow her Pyromania back. Willow should set random fires when low on Sanity. I know, this is desperately unpopular, but hear me out here. One, fire mechanics in DST are a LOT different than they were in DS. Fires spread slowly, and provide a lot of time for players to get out of the way or fight fires, if they want. Tech like Fling-o-matics help protect bases and other critical resources from fires, so her negative is manageable... 4) I honestly don't care what you do with Bernie the Bear. Dump it. Keep it. Whatever... Okay, that's what I'm asking, what I'm offering... 1) Willow's Lighter. To get the Lighter, maybe, like Wigfrid won't eat anything but meat, Willow won't use Torches. So if the player wants a light source better than her Lighter, they'll have to make a Mining Hat or a Lantern, but torches are just out for Willow. Also @ZorrerTheZmith suggested that torches should burn out faster when Willow is using them. Maybe torches burn brighter, but lots faster for Willow, making her infinite Lighter much more efficient for her? 2) Willow's Fire Immunity. Maybe, Willow takes Sanity damage from cold, making Winter harder, or wet, making Spring and rain significantly harder. Alternatively, because this could create problems with her Pyromania, she gets slower when cold or wet, but this could replace her pyromania fire setting. 3) Willow's Pyromania. Maybe Willow's Flames are cold, rather than hot. Maybe rather than spreading, she merely burns things that are valuable, not merely flammable, causing it to break into Ash, Charcoal, and maybe component gold or gems, obviously fewer than were necessary to replace whatever she burned. Perhaps the fire she starts at low Sanity is a black flame that sprouts shadow crawlers, etc. Maybe she sets alot of endothermic fires that cool her down, but don't spread. There's a lot of alternatives, but she needs to "start fires". A pyromaniac that doesn't start fires is like a kleptomaniac that doesn't steal. It's NORMAL. 4) Bernie, again, I don't care. I really don't like the Bernie thing, but I'm indifferent. Basically, the long of it is this: Willow sucks. 1) She doesn't do anything that anyone else can't do. Wigfrid and Wolfgang are the undisputed power combat characters. Wickerbottom and Maxwell are the best utility characters. Even Wendy is great at farming spiders. 2) Willow's Lighter is QUICKLY obsolete. Crockpots make vastly better food than cooking on her Lighter, and Firepits are a day 3-4 thing. The materials needed to make her Lighter are more valuable for other things, Torches are too easy to make and a better light source. By the time materials (gold) are disposable to make a replacement Lighter, the Lantern and Miner Hat both provide VASTLY superior and are easily refuelable. The ONLY advantage Willow's Lighter has is Sanity maintenance, and it does so badly. Remove its durability. 3) Fire Immunity is part of what made "The Firestarter" unique. Giving her "fire resistance" is like giving away a new used car on a game show. "Well, it's new to you, right!" just isn't the same. Don't Thrift Shop me, bro. 4) Willow's pyromania is a challenge. I get it. It's unpopular in a group play setting. Characters like Wigfrid's only downside is technically an upside for everyone else (one less person eating from the farms). But, once again, having a pyromaniac that doesn't actually set fires isn't a pyromaniac. It's kind of necessary to pyromania. You can't call Willow "The Firestarter" if she doesn't actually start any fires. Fix it. 5) Also, I'd still like to see a "Classic Characters" option in the Server settings, that allows hosts and players play DST with the original DS style characters. #MakeWillowGreatAgain -Fist-
  5. Allow Willow to equip bernie as a cosmetic feature , a simple melee weapon; something more than a decoy please...
  6. Hi! my Girlfriend and I cosplayed Willowson to Dutch-comiccon last weekend, it was our second time cosplaying them and I'm super curious to see other cosplays! (and another question; any dutchies here?)
  7. I had this awful idea during a forge match voice chat with my best friend. This is about the most productive thing I've done since Monday. Someone stop me.
  8. Year of the Gobbler fanart!! I'm a bit late but it's finally finished! I hope you enjoy!!!!
  9. hi forums!!! its been awhile since i posted here.. i am sort of shy around new communities.. haha.. but i figure i could post some of the fanart ive drawn for dst!!! my fave characters are webber and wx but you could probably tell.. lol.. anyways.. heres what i drew!! ps, feel free to like, post ur own fanart too i love seeing ppls interpretations of the characters!! (most of these are reuploaded frm my tumblr) ok! sorry for dump omg O_O i hope this is ok... also umm... im sort of nervous to post these on here.. as it has some personal headcanons... but it would mean alot if you didnt think this was like.. genderbent webber or anything i headcanon her as a transgirl... and ik a lot of ppl dont like fat willow but fdsjbvkbgskjb ik ppl dont like those sort of hcs o_o;; anyways.. yea!! pwease no bully ok... ! i hope il be more active on here in the future!!! also feel free to request stuff >:D no promises , but i might do a few! (if im not too busy w work and school x_x)
  10. "Ardiente"

    I swear it's all @minespatch's, @DragonMage156's and @PandoMish's fault, I hold no liability to this writ! Also, starring @Chris1488 and @Mr.P. Apparently. Plus quite a host of the Klei overlords. Again, their fault for immortalising themselves as pigmen.
  11. Wow, it's been a while. Dang... I'm starting a new tread because my old tread was archived. XD So I'm going post some art I did recently, and then I'm add some stuff I've done in the past later.
  12. Hello. :3 I'm late to the party, but it's better to be late then never, right? I love Don't Starve! I started playing it a few months ago and I wish I got into it sooner. I play it whenever I have free time, and I can't wait for DST to come out. Because of my crazy work schedule, I tend to draw quick comic doodles then full blown colored pieces, but I have a lot of fun drawing fanart for this game! It's a nice break from my normal work. I have some things to share, but lets just start with this little scirbble I did about a month ago.
  13. You were completely numb from whatever drug that was in your system. Grogginess shrouded your ability to move for the last ten minutes now, ever since you awoke to a bang, a puff of smoke, and a book. You couldn't even feel the blades of grass ticking your cheeks, or the odd breeze ruffling your hair. The silence had stretched on for an infinite moment, punctuated only with the sound of birdsong, as you examined the only notable landmark since your sudden arrival in...wherever you were. You do not remember getting here, so logically you assumed that someone had slipped something in your food or drink and tossed you, rather unceremoniously, into this dilapidated grassy plain and left an instruction book with your initial sliced into the leather bound cover. It was incredibly battered, and you were certain there was a bloodstain on the top right corner. After a while, though, you eventually regained enough movement to drag the book towards you with a new desperation, flicking open to the very first page, where a thin sheet of what appeared to be some sort of odd, pale leather was picked up by the breeze and landed before you. It was baked rock solid and brittle under the sun, and there was some sort of introductory note written using ink and a quill over the bumpy surface. ~~~ If you have found this book, then words do not describe how sorry I am for your current situation. Inside these pages is a record, a compilation of my Field Notes, on how to survive in this new plane of Hell itself. I have trudged through the coldest winters, sought shelter from unrelenting storms, crouched pathetically in the everlasting darkness to bring to you, heir to my burden, a recount of the day my new life started to the point where it ended. In between these two covers is the story of a life, all of the mistakes, the successes, and the plans. Fears, thoughts, feelings, and fleeting memories compressed into a single tome to which I pass on to the next player in this demented game. If you have found this book, then I am either dead, or worse. All will be made clear should you manage to survive long enough to reach the end, as I have. This may not be the best of introductions but I have very little time to speak and think for myself, as the pointless seconds which I still have are going solely into writing down this very note, on this very piece of leather, to give you a proper greeting - something that I never received myself - and some lessons to live on. If you have found this book, then my name is Wilson Percival Higgsbury, and I do not know where I have ended up. ~~~ Haha okay wow. Hello there, DS arists and writers and music-makers alike! My name is FieldNotes and this thread is devoted to partially DS-related drawings, partially talking to the community instead of lurking, but mainly to putting out a lovely gem that I have been thinking on for a good, hm...6 months now? The premise for Wilson's Journal is fairly simple - I'm going to put the story behind Don't Starve into the perspective of our plucky Gentleman Scientist, and adhere to the canon story as much as possible, but you'll notice how it starts to deviate and I'm going to tie together a bunch of loose ends along the way into one gloriously tangled mess of metaphorical strings. I'm also going to have fun writing, and try to update as much as possible, but I hope people understand that I do get quite busy sometimes. This prevented me from starting this 6 months before, but I noticed that some of the brilliant artists here are also hindered by their own time schedules so I deemed it appropriate to, at the very least, make a start on this little project of mine. Day 1 will be posted shortly, I presume.
  14. Art commissioned from my friend Pearl (Link may be a little nsfw but not very.)
  15. Somewhere, in a world much like the one in Don't Starve lies characters who resemble the ones from the game we know and love. But past that appearance, almost nothing is the same. There personalities are opposite of the ones we know! (To an extent) Ask these characters a question! The ones you can talk to are: Wilson Willow Wolfgang Wendy WX78 Wickerbottom Woodie Wes Maxwell Sorry! No ROG characters. There will be references to ROG though. In fact, one character heavily relies on ROG logic. Please no direct shipping questions. (No 'Wilson! Go out with Willow' or 'Wolfgang! How is your love life with Wickerbottom', ect.) Relationships are okay though. (Ex. 'Wendy, how is your relationship with Maxwell?)
  16. Hello My name is Maximum and I drew some don't starve things, I believe this is the appropriate place to post them. (some of them are a tad weird looking due to them being drawn on a 3DS) Also just a warning, some of them have a bit of blood but nothing too serious [if you are wondering about his hands I just have a headcannon that Wilson wears big black rubber gloves] Wilson your hair is just too fun not to draw. Anyway those are some of my arts, I have some more but I doubt anyone would like to see them. ALSO I should just say I'm completely fine if anyone uses my art for avatars, reaction images, whatever, as long as you ask me permission first and credit me.
  17. hey there im doing this to try and improve my spelling and grammar criticize is ok just not very harsh Chapter 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wake up to blue sky's where am I ? this is not my room, am I dead? she tried to sit up and pain pierced her head. Then a man appeared before her in a puff of gray smoke "say pall you don't look too good " he said with a smirk " better find some food before night comes " . she stood up and had her mouth open to bombard the man with question's but before she could he disappeared just how he had came. She stood up and walked around, am I alone here? the question lingered in her head . at least I have Abigail with me . she picked some berry's and collected some flint , then the sun started to set she sat down trying to make a fire but it was hope less she needed logs which she was not strong enough to get . she braced herself to go into the darkness,at least there's not any monsters .then a screech sounded in the distance , what the but monsters don't exist! she ran as fast as she could then there was a fire if she could just make it ! the monster latched onto her arm , it was limy and cold she did not like the feeling of it on her arm so she tugged it off and screamed " help !!!!!! " " ill go check it out " one voice said , the other said" ok hares a torch ". as the light got closer she saw a man with a torch in hand . the monster hissed and let go of her she collapsed and the man asked " Are you ok?"
  18. My first art

    This is my first Art : Willow Portrait ! I tried my best,it's not perfect but it's hard to draw,so enjoy this and let me know what you think about it ! Thanks !
  19. Welcome to The Don't Starve Best of The Month Page! Basic Page Information What Exactly Is this page about? Each month I'll pick out the best of the Don't Starve Fan lore, Videos, Cosplay, and Art and post it here! (Of course with the permission of the original post creators) How Could you contribute? Link up your favorite Don't Starve Lore page or art work(Cosplay and Videos are very much appreciated) in the section below I read all the comments so I can't miss it. When is the Page Updated? Friday or Thursday nights upon the end of each month. (Central Pacific Time) Want your Art(and or Cosplay) or post sponsored here? Just ask and link me up to the the art or page and I'll check it out. This Months Best Artwork! Willow and Chester All Credit Goes to Muffycake She did all the work I am just displaying it on a page. Here is the original Post Here is her profile This Months BEST Cosplay! Wendy All Credit Goes to Cyanea for this Excellent cosplay of Wendy Original post Cyanea's profile This Months Best Video! The History of Maxwell lore Seriously a awesome Video Credit goes to TeoSS69 for the Post Courtesy of @Craig_Perry and @d2r Original Forum post TeoSS69 Profile CREATING THE VIDEO Credit Goes to Klei Enterntainment Klei youtube channel This Months Best Lore/Post! "What if Webber's father was....Wilson? Wilson is canonically is like 30 y/o, so he could have son. And he teached Webber to shave. And, maaybe, Wilson hates spiders SO much because it ate his son?? "~Kenny1889 This is some of the weirdest lore I've read But it gets pretty funny if you read the comment section Creators Profile
  20. So here I have a don't starve game cover it needs a little bit of work but its my first run on making this kind of thing any ideas? Btw I have a youtube channel and it is I play don't starve and other games. But back on topic here is the jpeg form fell free to edit it and repost it below I really want to see what you guys can do thanks! Tell me what you think its my first time doing this XD
  21. Willow Cosplay

    Willow cosplay made by myself and IdentityFox Cosplayer: IdentityFox Photos: Me
  22. Hey guys, so i've been wanting to write another story for a while, but my unoriginal mind could never think of anything good to write of, and i really love playing don't starve, so i decided to write my own fanfiction about it, the plan for how it will be presented is, will be like this Chapter # - Name spoilers and chapters so it doesn't clutter up the OP with a huge wall of text and so you wont have to sit there and scroll through hundreds of words to find the next chapter, well here goes first chapter Chapter 1 - Forbidden Knowledge So, thoughts on the first chapter? should i continue this?
  23. Hey everyone, this is a thread for the small fanfics I write for Don't Starve. This game is my dream and it inspired me more than anything else ever did before. A note: Not everything in this fanfic is game accurate, but know that I made those choices to make for a better story. Here we go: MacTusk's Trophey MacTusk groaned as he put the last few pieces of the igloo in place. His son had proved to be largely useless, putting down a whole two ice-blocks before running after a jackrabbit with the hounds. Maybe it was time for him to pick up the darts, at least he'd come back from his little play trips with something to show for it. MacTusk started to unpack his bag, and immediately strapped his darts to his belt. He'd been out hunting here before, and it was never safe, no matter how tranquil it all seemed. Good thing that wee MacTusk took the hounds, you never know. A chirping roar alerts MacTusk of his sons arrival, and the two blue hounds yip and bark in excitement. Maybe MacTusk had wanted to be a little cross with his son for not helping him set up the igloo, but when the young walrus shows him his catch (a seriously chewed up jackrabbit) he can't stay mad. Tomorrow they would go hunting for real, and junior would get his first lessons in hunting on the evil grounds. The next day they were up early, and MacTusk had made additional darts, just in case they come across something more needy of death than your average jackrabbits ice birds. He sure hoped so, he came here more for enjoyment than food-collecting. They set out, blue hounds excitedly sniffing about, and wee Mactusk pointing out non-existant marks of prey, even going so far as to spot Koelephant footsteps in a pinecone. He still needed more practice than just this one hunting trip, but his excitement more than made up for it. MacTusk shot a dart at a rabbit, and it keeled clean over. The missus at home had hinted on a coat of soft jackrabbit fur, and it wouldn't be too much work to peel the skin off. He'd set junior on that task right after they'd caught enough rabbits. He shoots darts until he only has a few more hanging from his belt, and then the hunters return to their igloo, arms full of rabbits and hounds whining for scraps at their feet. It is right when Junior is bringing the meat inside that MacTusk sees a new threat, far too close to their camp. He doesn't recognize it, and it dives behind a tree when he tries to get a better look. By the time he reaches the tree, the thing is gone, leaving only unrecognizable prints in the snow. He sends the hounds after it immediately, but they return a while later with clean snouts. MacTusk can't help but love the chill that runs through him. Who knew what they were up against! Even if it turned out to be a defenseless little thing, it would be one of a kind, and MacTusk would like that on his wall, as would his wife! Maybe even more than that coat she had been hinting at! He restocks his darts as quickly as he can, and urges junior to follow him and he strange prints in the snow. It would be a glorious first trophey for his son, a never before seen animal from the cursed island! The tracks are strange, and almost frighteningly straight. This thing knows where it is going, and doesn't waste time on twists and turns. Wee Mactusk helps him spot the next tracks, and then they arrive at a crude camp. Dried hunks of animal hang on dirty ropes, and several wooden boxes almost burst out of their seams, so filled are they with random junk and treasure. The tracks are all over the place, but still, the animal is nowhere to be seen. It's a smart creature, frighteningly so, and it would make for a better trophey than anything else! Anyone could off a Beefalo, a few pigs or a Tallbird. This predator already had, judging from the animals hunks drying on the racks. Wee Mactusk looked worried, and he clenched his own darts tightly in his flippers. This would be no ordinary hunt. It would be an ambush of a deadly creature. The waiting was long, and the tension grew between son and father, but finally, a rustling from the forest signalized the return of the animal. Both walruses held their breath and had their darts at the ready as their target appeared. The creature was indeed unlike they had ever seen. Three black curled horns adorned the head, making a ghostly white face stand out from beneath. It was dressed in the corpses of its prey, Koelephant snout stuffed with beefalo fur and spiderwebbings, crude earmuffs made from jackalope fur, and a backpack made from pig leather. It saw them, and made a startled jump backwards. For just a moment, MacTusk wanted to see the beast in its full glory, before ending its life and presenting its evil horned head to his family. He roared, and the hounds shot from their positions towards the menace. MacTusk himself immediately blew a dart at it as well. It screamed loudly as it hit, and took off into the forest, faster than he had expected. The hounds ran after it with loud howls. He prepared a second dart, and signalled for his son to follow in the persuit. The hounds whined in the distance, and he could hear one of them scream in its death throes. Both father and son arrived just in time to see the horned creature drive a pointed spear right through their last hound. Then it turned his sights onto them, and shudders of delight went through MacTusk's hide. Eye to eye with the predator! Trying to outsmart the other, a true fight of life and death! Hah. He would show this creature, who is the smartest! He blew another dart, and the creature cried out in rage and pain, raising its weapon threateningly. It howled a choked up battlecry, and charged forward. MacTusk knew better than to stand still, and he fled from the wild beast, heart pounding. He was outrunning it, but only barely! He turned his head just in time to see the predator catching up to his son. He roared out a warning, but it was too late. The pointed tip of the weapon dug into wee MacTusk's side, and he squealed in pain. Suddenly the thrill of the hunt had turned into the ice-cold fear that he might lose his son. The beast crooned in victory, and raised it's spear for the final blow. Any caution was blown in the wind by old MacTusk. Forgetting all the safety rules when dealing with wild animals, he charged at the monster attempting to kill his son, and managed to bash the harmful creature out of the way, catching the spear in his left flipper as he did so. Wee MacTusk was a ghostly pale, but he stumbled to his feet as his father took a blowdart from his belt. The expression of fear on the predator's strange snout would have been comical if not a bit piteous before to MacTusk, but now he only felt gratification. He blew his dart at the creature, and it hit it square in the chest. With an almost walrus-like moan, the predator sank to its knees, the weapon dropped from its talons and its throphey's slowly going red from blood. They were victorious. His son stood shaking behind him, and stared at the animal struggling for its life in the snow. Such a mighty predator, now weakly pawing at the snow in its death throes. It's struggling soon slowed, and it just laid breathing and bleeding on the ground. It's intelligent eyes were hazy with pain and panic, and even as it started losing consciousness, they could tell it was still trying to think a way out of its situation. MacTusk treated his sons wounds, as they waited for the beast to die, and in the end, wee MacTusk could even grin, boasting that a scar from such a dangerous creature would make him more attractive. MacTusk could only agree, and thank whatever gods there were for the life of his son. Together they watched the creature faint and die, before they bound it and dragged it through the snow to their igloo. The MacTusks left early that winter, and from that winter forth, in their home, resides the one and only taxidermied, black-horned beast.