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  1. Since all the characters are getting reworked in some way, and willow seems to be next, I'm gonna spitball an idea of mine on how to make her both better and more unique, since that seems to be the goal of the reworks. Resistant to fire damage Immune to fire. First is her fire resistance, just make her immune again, the damage it does now is negligible, becoming more annoying than anything, and you really have to try to die to fire as Willow right now, so just make her immune again. plus you can utilize it in winter by burning things in your inventory to get some quick heat without being hurt, that would make you a walking forest fire however so caution is advised. Other players would be warmed by you however so the tactic has its uses. Can craft a sweet lighter... Next, only willow can use the lighter, much like other character specific items, also, make it infinite again. That's really it, she can still craft it and can still cook food with it, but all it really needs IMO is to be infinite again. ...and a cuddly bear. Bernie is fine I guess, maybe a bit expensive, but when willow has a low enough sanity to use it she is already freezing to death. So to indirectly buff Burnie I propose... Loses heat when insane Is a pyromaniac. Finally, her sanity mechanic. The freezing thing is, interesting, I guess, but the way it's handled is dumb, I suggest something much more in line with the whole maniac part of the pyromania. Like Woodie with his wood meter, Willow will have a fire meter, this will drain constantly, and will only raise when she is near enough fire to counter the drain rate. Holdin the lighter or torches will slow it down, but to raise it, you need to be near a bigger source of fire like a campfire or setting something else on fire, like a tree. While the meter is very high, you will passively gain a bit of sanity and she will gain insulation, allowing her to keep warm longer or heat up faster. If the meter fall too far down, then willow's body temperature will begin to drop and she will start losing sanity, both are based on how low it is. There would be some character prompts about her need for fire when it hits certain thresholds so players know whats happening. When it gets near 0 she will begin to take damage from the cold if the world temperature is like autumn's, if it's winter, then she will likely freeze much sooner than that. There is the consequence that in summer you can intentionally keep the meter down to stay cool without trouble, it makes sense that a pyro would have no trouble in summer so let's run with that. the fire meter is much more in line with her character and would be much more interesting to play with than just getting cold when your sanity is low. with sanity no longer being the deciding factor to when you freeze, you can be at high sanity and still cool in summer, thought your sanity will drain quite fast so be careful. But yeah, that's My idea for the rework, I really want to know what you all think about it, because there isn't enough serious discussion about it honestly.
  2. With everyone's favorite pyromaniac confirmed to be next in line for a character refresh, I'd like to hear what everyone would like to see with the new and (hopefully) improved Willow! Here are a few things that have been on my mind as of late. I have no idea if they're any good or not, I'm far from an expert on this game. I do love brainstorming though, so I'd love to hear some other people's ideas! Bring back fire immunity: Pretty straightforward, I think that this is probably the one thing that I've seen everyone agree on. Immunity to overheating: I think I once heard that this was something that was originally intended for Willow, but it was a while ago so I don't remember the details. I'm not sure if it'd be too strong or not, but I hope that Klei has at least considered it at some point. Plus from a lore stand point, it's awfully weird that she'd be immune or resistant to fire but not especially hot weather. Lighter buffs: As of right now, Willow's lighter is mostly just a longer lasting free torch that's not really worth keeping around or crafting again once lanterns are available, right? Being her signature item, I'm really hoping that the lighter will receive some upgrades. One way we could do this would be to simply bring back the infinite durability, and I think that would certainly be a step in the right direction. I don't think that it'd be too strong if the radius could be increased to match that of a torch either. One idea that I came up with would be that her lighter could have a durability, but it would gradually "refuel" itself when not in use. If that were the case, what if her lighter was given the ability to simply create a fire anywhere similar to the ones that spawn when red hounds are kill. These flames could burn for about a minute or so and It would use up some durability, like around 15-20%, so you wouldn't be able to simply spam fires all the time. I was thinking that this way, her lighter could function as a sort of pseudo-lantern of sorts. Oh and something like this were to be implemented, she would probably lose the ability to craft multiple lighters to be given to other players. Oh, and please keep the ability to cook food with it, I really like that feature for some reason ha ha. Control over how her fires spread: This is something I shared in the suggestions and feedback section but I heard that not very many people go there? I hope no one minds me sharing it again but I came up with the idea that any fires started by a Willow wouldn't actually spread on their own. Instead, any objects within spreadable distance while the fire is still burning would show a "spread" prompt when you hover the cursor over them, causing that object to immediately combust, the new fire following the same burning rules. This would extend to mobs set on fire by a Willow, and if they would die to the flames their loot wouldn't turn to ashes. Willow would only have control over fires started be her though, any other fire would behave normally. I was thinking that this way, Willow can take advantage of all kinds of fire related shenanigans without the massive risk of collateral damage, like making the fire darts and fire staff safer to use. As for exactly how she's able to do this, well the best explanation that I can come up with is that she has so much experience starting fires that she knows how to light them in such a way that she can predict how and where it spreads. That or pyrokinesis, that one's a popular theory right? Bernie: Actually, I didn't have anything in mind for the teddy bear. Considering he was only added as compensation for her original nerfs, I honestly don't think I'd mind it too much if they just removed him in favor of other useful fire related perks. (Though at the same time that would feel like a bit of a shame wouldn't it?) Downsides: I don't have anything in mind for this either. Isn't it generally agreed that no one really likes Willow's current downside of freezing when insane outside of using it to help survive summer though?
  3. I haven't posted in the forums for a looong time and I thought it'd be cool to share some of my works !! My tumblr is and I'll sometimes post my work on there, too! I'm a big fan of Willow so most of my artwork's mostly about her. I also run a sideblog for Ember, the wyvernling from my ds rp group the Famine Friends: My steam's Shadowtime! this was a quick test w/ an old photograph theme !! and some doodles of Ember !! @Pink_Infatuation is gma :') spams over; stay tuned !!
  4. So I've taken some time to enjoy the recent updates we've been getting with both the new character, Wortox, as well as Winona. However, there has been one thing that's been on my mind since the updates began which has bothered me, something which progressively is a growing concern. That thing is... Moon Rock Idols. No seriously, hear me out on this one. To clarify, the majority of Winona's buff (to my understanding) is construed in a massive buff to her item/structure creation. I understand that there are perks around her character itself, however for the sake of this we'll be focusing primarily on her new structures, as well as the one issue I've noticed developing in relation to the usage of moon rock idols. After the calming down of her hype, a significant portion of players I encountered have started using her solely to build her structures and then immediately switch back to their (usually) meta characters, making her "buff" really more a buff to the farms which can be used by any character (ironically buffing the meta even more). She became what I half-jokingly like to call a "swap" character, which is a term I coined for a character who's only useful for their items/structures, but isn't actually played because they're still not Wolfgang or Wickerbottom. While I agree that being a "swap" character is better than not being played at all I don't think it's necessarily the game design DST should have, at least in my opinion. Characters should be buffed so that they're played, not used merely as construction tools for another, more powerful character. This issue stems from moonrock idols themselves, which degrade the importance of character choice as a whole (you can be anyone on essentially a whim with no realistic limits) however the purpose of this discussion isn't really so much about these items themselves (although they need some sort of fix in my opinion) as it is the upcoming rebalance for this month: Willow. Now why would I be concerned about this? Because Bernie and the lighter both exist, and the same concept can be applied to them. Make no mistake, buffing a character's items as opposed to the character themselves is not by any means a bad thing, it's still a buff, however it's also indirectly a buff to everyone else in addition, which is arguably not the intention of "character-specific" items. To sum up what I'm saying is I'm concerned with the rebalance Klei is going to use up a lot of their assets working on Bernie instead of working on Willow as a character herself, which is going to realistically have one of two outcomes. Either Bernie will be useful enough to matter, resulting in people swapping to Willow solely to craft him and then swapping back (similar to Winona now) or he's still not going to matter, either of which at it's core isn't a good thing. I find it extremely unlikely that the buff if focused heavily on Willow's items will garner enough for people to be interested in actually playing her so much as it will cause people to just have yet another set of tools to acquire when they switch characters. There's multiple solutions to this issue, and I'm completely aware it may not be an issue at all in practice, as Klei may focus solely on Willow herself for the rebalance (we obviously have no idea). Foremost, (unfortunately) nerfing moonrock idols in some way may be a solution. Since I'm not a fan of nerfing stuff (it usually makes the game less fun) I'm not exactly thrilled at this thought, however perhaps a tentative cooldown could be considered as a simple solution that doesn't ruin their purpose and yet makes them not spammable (making character choice at least slightly more important as a result). Another solution is if the future rebalances focus solely on the characters themselves moreso over their items/structures. Obviously Winona is a fringe case where her items and structures being her main thing is thematically appropriate, however future character reworks should be more focused on the character over their items (unless their items are genuinely character specific, ie can't be transferred and used by another). Honestly I'm probably just paranoid and this may not even end up being an issue, and I recognize that. I just want Klei to focus more on the characters themselves and consider the implications of buffing character items when moonrock idols exist and are relatively easily to acquire/use. TL;DR I don't want the primary direction Klei takes with reworking Willow to go towards buffing her items, specifically Bernie, which would encourage her to become an item "swap" character. I think the focus should be on mechanically buffing Willow herself before attempting to buff the items is considered.
  5. Willow is based on novels about young people related to pyrokinesis, mainly “Firestarter” (or “Charlie” in some editions) by Stephen king: During her childhood, Charlene ("Charlie") McGee had a teddy bear which she ignited on fire by simply looking at it, through the power of her mind. Bernie is not only based on Firestarter, he´s inspired by the classic haunted dolls, animated by magic or spirits, who will harm or protect certain persons. One of the big traits of Charlie is having a strong (but fiery) temper and little patience, always manifesting in her behavior. Willow acts in this way too: -"You jerk! Let me in!" (Pig House occupied, lights off) -"A cone full of jerks." (Killer Bee Hive) -"Jerks that slither." (Snake) -"Jerks that swim." (Sea Hound) -"Stay back, you big jerk!" (Krampus) -"Hurry up, dirtpile. Feed me!" (Farm, growing) -"But I want more berries!" (Berry Bush, picked) -"Stupid rabbits. Come out so I can eat you." (Rabbit Hole) While Telekinesis is the ability to influence actions in objects with the mind, Pyrokinesis is the ability of creating and controlling fire by thought: The name Willow is related to magic, witchcraft, to be more exact. For example the willow tree is know as "witchs´s tree" due to its parts being used as ingredients for potions, and rituals in old times by witches and warlocks. Interestingly Willow was also portrayed as a witch in her Funko Pops and Halloween art. "A symbol of stake-burnt sisterhood." (Fiery Witch's Hat description) In old times, people accused of witchcraft were burned in stakes. Between 1920 & 1930, Japan started to produce lighters under the brand “Willow”, with different models and decorations. One of the most popular models. (Looks familiar, right?)
  6. Ria's Art Book

    Ok so I realized that a couple people actually like my DS comic: Wilson meets Red. So I decided to post it here with a couple other crossover art pieces. Comic page 1: Page 2 part 1: Page 2 part 2: Comic page 3: I personally love some of Red's expressions in the first two pages XD Here are a few others I did before/during the comic. Science Machine: Carrots: Wilson's Squirrel Problem: And lastly, comic page 4: --- Fanart showcase (I know I've already posted these in my off-topic art thread but I wanted to show them here and in the ONI thread too). These will be mostly focusing on DS OCs, character interactions and related art styles. Also sorry in advance if you guys see your old art and cringe ^^;
  7. After catching wind of the upcoming character dlc and refreshes, I've been getting pulled back into the wonderful world of Don't Starve. And while my experience with the game is still very noob level, thinking of possible character tweaks in games has always been one of my favorite things to do, so forgive me if this all sounds like a bunch of hogwash. Basically I came up with the idea that any fires started by a Willow don't actually spread on their own. Instead, any objects within spreadable distance while the fire is still burning would give a "spread" prompt when you hover the cursor over them, causing that object to immediately combust as well and would follow the same burning rules. I was thinking that this way Willow can take advantage of all kinds of fire related shenanigans without the massive risk of collateral damage, like making the fire darts and fire staff safer to use. As for exactly how she's able to do this, well the best explanation that I can come up with is that she has so much experience starting fires that she knows how to light them in such a way that she can predict how and where it spreads. That or pyrokinesis, that one's a popular theory right? Like I said, no idea if this would be a good idea or not, I just wanted to share it and see what some other people might think. Have a good one!
  8. i feel like trolling is too easy in this game. any ideas to make it harder to grief?
  9. Mostly for aesthetic purposes -- Willow could be able to equip Bernie as Woodie would with Lucy. She could use it as melee weapon or as a shadow creature ward. But only for Willow.
  10. Hi! :3 I am new to the forums,so if I do anything wrong please tell me. Anyways,I made this topic to post my not so great fan art ;u; Here's the first one: Very bad quality,I know,I know... I wanted to take a better picture,but I couldn't find the paper ;-;
  11. Hi! my Girlfriend and I cosplayed Willowson to Dutch-comiccon last weekend, it was our second time cosplaying them and I'm super curious to see other cosplays! (and another question; any dutchies here?)
  12. I had this awful idea during a forge match voice chat with my best friend. This is about the most productive thing I've done since Monday. Someone stop me.
  13. Year of the Gobbler fanart!! I'm a bit late but it's finally finished! I hope you enjoy!!!!
  14. hi forums!!! its been awhile since i posted here.. i am sort of shy around new communities.. haha.. but i figure i could post some of the fanart ive drawn for dst!!! my fave characters are webber and wx but you could probably tell.. lol.. anyways.. heres what i drew!! ps, feel free to like, post ur own fanart too i love seeing ppls interpretations of the characters!! (most of these are reuploaded frm my tumblr) ok! sorry for dump omg O_O i hope this is ok... also umm... im sort of nervous to post these on here.. as it has some personal headcanons... but it would mean alot if you didnt think this was like.. genderbent webber or anything i headcanon her as a transgirl... and ik a lot of ppl dont like fat willow but fdsjbvkbgskjb ik ppl dont like those sort of hcs o_o;; anyways.. yea!! pwease no bully ok... ! i hope il be more active on here in the future!!! also feel free to request stuff >:D no promises , but i might do a few! (if im not too busy w work and school x_x)
  15. "Ardiente"

    I swear it's all @minespatch's, @DragonMage156's and @PandoMish's fault, I hold no liability to this writ! Also, starring @Chris1488 and @Mr.P. Apparently. Plus quite a host of the Klei overlords. Again, their fault for immortalising themselves as pigmen.
  16. Wow, it's been a while. Dang... I'm starting a new tread because my old tread was archived. XD So I'm going post some art I did recently, and then I'm add some stuff I've done in the past later.
  17. Hello. :3 I'm late to the party, but it's better to be late then never, right? I love Don't Starve! I started playing it a few months ago and I wish I got into it sooner. I play it whenever I have free time, and I can't wait for DST to come out. Because of my crazy work schedule, I tend to draw quick comic doodles then full blown colored pieces, but I have a lot of fun drawing fanart for this game! It's a nice break from my normal work. I have some things to share, but lets just start with this little scirbble I did about a month ago.
  18. You were completely numb from whatever drug that was in your system. Grogginess shrouded your ability to move for the last ten minutes now, ever since you awoke to a bang, a puff of smoke, and a book. You couldn't even feel the blades of grass ticking your cheeks, or the odd breeze ruffling your hair. The silence had stretched on for an infinite moment, punctuated only with the sound of birdsong, as you examined the only notable landmark since your sudden arrival in...wherever you were. You do not remember getting here, so logically you assumed that someone had slipped something in your food or drink and tossed you, rather unceremoniously, into this dilapidated grassy plain and left an instruction book with your initial sliced into the leather bound cover. It was incredibly battered, and you were certain there was a bloodstain on the top right corner. After a while, though, you eventually regained enough movement to drag the book towards you with a new desperation, flicking open to the very first page, where a thin sheet of what appeared to be some sort of odd, pale leather was picked up by the breeze and landed before you. It was baked rock solid and brittle under the sun, and there was some sort of introductory note written using ink and a quill over the bumpy surface. ~~~ If you have found this book, then words do not describe how sorry I am for your current situation. Inside these pages is a record, a compilation of my Field Notes, on how to survive in this new plane of Hell itself. I have trudged through the coldest winters, sought shelter from unrelenting storms, crouched pathetically in the everlasting darkness to bring to you, heir to my burden, a recount of the day my new life started to the point where it ended. In between these two covers is the story of a life, all of the mistakes, the successes, and the plans. Fears, thoughts, feelings, and fleeting memories compressed into a single tome to which I pass on to the next player in this demented game. If you have found this book, then I am either dead, or worse. All will be made clear should you manage to survive long enough to reach the end, as I have. This may not be the best of introductions but I have very little time to speak and think for myself, as the pointless seconds which I still have are going solely into writing down this very note, on this very piece of leather, to give you a proper greeting - something that I never received myself - and some lessons to live on. If you have found this book, then my name is Wilson Percival Higgsbury, and I do not know where I have ended up. ~~~ Haha okay wow. Hello there, DS arists and writers and music-makers alike! My name is FieldNotes and this thread is devoted to partially DS-related drawings, partially talking to the community instead of lurking, but mainly to putting out a lovely gem that I have been thinking on for a good, hm...6 months now? The premise for Wilson's Journal is fairly simple - I'm going to put the story behind Don't Starve into the perspective of our plucky Gentleman Scientist, and adhere to the canon story as much as possible, but you'll notice how it starts to deviate and I'm going to tie together a bunch of loose ends along the way into one gloriously tangled mess of metaphorical strings. I'm also going to have fun writing, and try to update as much as possible, but I hope people understand that I do get quite busy sometimes. This prevented me from starting this 6 months before, but I noticed that some of the brilliant artists here are also hindered by their own time schedules so I deemed it appropriate to, at the very least, make a start on this little project of mine. Day 1 will be posted shortly, I presume.
  19. Art commissioned from my friend Pearl (Link may be a little nsfw but not very.)
  20. Somewhere, in a world much like the one in Don't Starve lies characters who resemble the ones from the game we know and love. But past that appearance, almost nothing is the same. There personalities are opposite of the ones we know! (To an extent) Ask these characters a question! The ones you can talk to are: Wilson Willow Wolfgang Wendy WX78 Wickerbottom Woodie Wes Maxwell Sorry! No ROG characters. There will be references to ROG though. In fact, one character heavily relies on ROG logic. Please no direct shipping questions. (No 'Wilson! Go out with Willow' or 'Wolfgang! How is your love life with Wickerbottom', ect.) Relationships are okay though. (Ex. 'Wendy, how is your relationship with Maxwell?)
  21. Hello My name is Maximum and I drew some don't starve things, I believe this is the appropriate place to post them. (some of them are a tad weird looking due to them being drawn on a 3DS) Also just a warning, some of them have a bit of blood but nothing too serious [if you are wondering about his hands I just have a headcannon that Wilson wears big black rubber gloves] Wilson your hair is just too fun not to draw. Anyway those are some of my arts, I have some more but I doubt anyone would like to see them. ALSO I should just say I'm completely fine if anyone uses my art for avatars, reaction images, whatever, as long as you ask me permission first and credit me.
  22. hey there im doing this to try and improve my spelling and grammar criticize is ok just not very harsh Chapter 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wake up to blue sky's where am I ? this is not my room, am I dead? she tried to sit up and pain pierced her head. Then a man appeared before her in a puff of gray smoke "say pall you don't look too good " he said with a smirk " better find some food before night comes " . she stood up and had her mouth open to bombard the man with question's but before she could he disappeared just how he had came. She stood up and walked around, am I alone here? the question lingered in her head . at least I have Abigail with me . she picked some berry's and collected some flint , then the sun started to set she sat down trying to make a fire but it was hope less she needed logs which she was not strong enough to get . she braced herself to go into the darkness,at least there's not any monsters .then a screech sounded in the distance , what the but monsters don't exist! she ran as fast as she could then there was a fire if she could just make it ! the monster latched onto her arm , it was limy and cold she did not like the feeling of it on her arm so she tugged it off and screamed " help !!!!!! " " ill go check it out " one voice said , the other said" ok hares a torch ". as the light got closer she saw a man with a torch in hand . the monster hissed and let go of her she collapsed and the man asked " Are you ok?"
  23. My first art

    This is my first Art : Willow Portrait ! I tried my best,it's not perfect but it's hard to draw,so enjoy this and let me know what you think about it ! Thanks !
  24. Welcome to The Don't Starve Best of The Month Page! Basic Page Information What Exactly Is this page about? Each month I'll pick out the best of the Don't Starve Fan lore, Videos, Cosplay, and Art and post it here! (Of course with the permission of the original post creators) How Could you contribute? Link up your favorite Don't Starve Lore page or art work(Cosplay and Videos are very much appreciated) in the section below I read all the comments so I can't miss it. When is the Page Updated? Friday or Thursday nights upon the end of each month. (Central Pacific Time) Want your Art(and or Cosplay) or post sponsored here? Just ask and link me up to the the art or page and I'll check it out. This Months Best Artwork! Willow and Chester All Credit Goes to Muffycake She did all the work I am just displaying it on a page. Here is the original Post Here is her profile This Months BEST Cosplay! Wendy All Credit Goes to Cyanea for this Excellent cosplay of Wendy Original post Cyanea's profile This Months Best Video! The History of Maxwell lore Seriously a awesome Video Credit goes to TeoSS69 for the Post Courtesy of @Craig_Perry and @d2r Original Forum post TeoSS69 Profile CREATING THE VIDEO Credit Goes to Klei Enterntainment Klei youtube channel This Months Best Lore/Post! "What if Webber's father was....Wilson? Wilson is canonically is like 30 y/o, so he could have son. And he teached Webber to shave. And, maaybe, Wilson hates spiders SO much because it ate his son?? "~Kenny1889 This is some of the weirdest lore I've read But it gets pretty funny if you read the comment section Creators Profile