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  1. Here's a drawing of Wigfrid! I wanted to test a brush I recently downloaded.
  2. Yeah! Still not done with them,but for now I'm home. Yeah,that'd be great!
  3. I'm finnaly back,and it feels really nice to be back! (Long story short: I was at a hospital.) Meanwhile,I bought a drawing tablet and got a better art software. I am really excited for Hamlet,and I just couldn't resist drawing the plant monster. So here's a wip!
  4. Here are Wendy and Willow I painted with watercolours. My sister is a Wendy main,and I am a Willow main,so I drew them together!
  5. They probably can't reach him,but,considering how tall they are,he may be in danger
  6. What other to say than Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a drawing of Wes and Wigfrid (This is actually the first time I drew Wes and Wigfrid). I like Wesfrid to be honest´┐╝,so I drew it!
  7. You really improved! I like the tail and legs the most. I really like your style
  8. Here's some Willowson (Willow & Wilson) in their Shadow skins. It's not finished yet,so it's just a sketch. I love how this is going so far! (Let's hope I don't mess it up)
  9. Here's a little drawing of Winona I did a while ago. I may outline it and finnish it now. I had a really hard time drawing eyes I like how this came out,but I like gloves the most.
  10. I'm sorry to hear about that. Take all the time you need.
  11. Here's a fan art of Wilson. Wilson's quote when examining the bees is "To bee or not to bee". I love Wilson's quotes. I like how this came out!
  12. Here's a WIP of Willow,sitting on a chair (that's invisible) saying "This is fine." while everyrhing is burning . Inspired by the well known "This is fine" meme. I don't plan on finishing this soon,since my hands are shaking
  13. It's actually Wendy She died. Well I wanted to draw The life Amulet,but I was too lazy.The lines would represent it's magic. It is Wendy I never knew that! (Or let's say I never payed attention haha )