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Goddammit, now it all makes sense! The last piece of puzzle got finally revealed!
Tesla and all his revolutionary ideas and projects... Some people consider him the greatest scientist of all time.
Now we know the truth, the source of his knowledge and power... The forbidden knowledge.

The real question is how did he escape the shadow realm of Don't Starve world? Maybe there are still some hidden documents, somewhere?
We may never learn the truth...

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A sad story about tesla: he almost invented a way to give power to the world for free but his investor stopped suplying to him because he thought that there was no money to be made by his side so he started investing into tommas eddison (I don't really know how to spell his name so I gave up please correct me) and he hated him and said that they were rivals. Telsa was more into helping the world though. He then became bankrupt and died very poor and alone. 

Also some people believe that his knowledge was given to him by aliens. Just like Maxwell giving Wilson the "Forbidden Knowledge".

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