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  1. Time to get back to playing some more DST again.....hahah......been quite a while. Well back to the shadows I go!
  2. Well...but what shall become of poor Wednesday..................
  3. Well this is certainly interesting information that quite pleases me. Can't wait!
  4. There are 2 deserts now, one with tumbleweeds and the dragonfly and one with the cacti..and the Oasis.
  5. Seems like most of the creatures are asexual hermaphrodites containing parts from both genders. That would explain many things.
  6. That moment when you find the new boss and your team was under prepared and uninformed of its abilities and you start dying fast.
  7. Yes, I am that person......hey Fang. Also hello all I have been lurking since the release of Don't Starve (Single player in the olden days) and never really made an account until now so expect to see me a lot more. Hello..... also I can't wait to see the mechanics of the Antlion.