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Art and Doodles Galore

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First I wanted to say Hello Everyone and welcome to my Art and Doodles Galore thread!
Here I post my doodles or stuff that I made along side with some friends!
I do hope you don't mind my silly art! Ahaha 


Here we have a lovely comic based on actual in-game experience with friends.

On the left, we have a marvelous display on the all powerful and wise scientist tackling on Deerclops all alone! (Done by WPH)
And on the right is my comic about being Willow and Wilson (WPH) being mad at me for using turf to fuel fire.


Some quick freehand doodles!

8a44ae8837c72f35aea44dab1329724c.jpg f98b9184330ea2619ee024f2d1b7b3d6.jpg 

I think Maxwell was once part of the Beetles


Now we have here the cutie FuuFuu (my OC) holding a Rabbit!


And Last but not Least!

Survivor Skin! Wilson!


This Wilson is part of a group Survivor Picture I am currently working on! Here is a WIP version of it!


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On 6/20/2016 at 7:06 AM, WPH said:

YAAAAS DARLIN and welcome to the forums! Omg

Does the comic of me threatening you with my beard hair require any censoring before posting? HAHA

oh! Ahahah no! I don't think so ! Ya should be all good! :3c

On 6/20/2016 at 1:32 PM, Mobbstar said:





Is your Jaw ok? o3o

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On 6/20/2016 at 7:24 AM, DragonMage156 said:

These are really cool and funny ^_^ why has survivor Willow got a lantern btw?

Though She has her trusty and lucky Lighter, the Latern gives off more light to keep her friends safe without super huddling together over a tiny flame :>

Also a friend suggested it! I thought it made sense ^^

Thank you though! <3

On 6/20/2016 at 7:27 AM, minespatch said:

So you're planning on doing all of the survivors?

Maybe sometime in the future.
Right now this is the main characters my friends and I play as.

On 6/20/2016 at 10:02 AM, ImDaMisterL said:

All my yes and my likes to this!

Oh my! Thank you so much! You are so kind <3

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14 hours ago, minespatch said:

When was Fuufuu first made?

Well, FuuFuu was made about a month or so ago and is a tiny OC of mine.
FuuFuu's actual age is 10 but can appear or behave like she's 5 or 6.
Um... yeah! A bit of a back ground story under the cut to explain more who she is and what she is.



FuuFuu is one of the six daughters of Mewlyn, a single mom trying to do everything she can for her kittens. Fuu is the youngest of all of her siblings, the oldest being Autumn. FuuFuu is more carefree out of the bunch, usually out and about, exploring the world on her own - which of course worries her mother greatly. She is a curious kitten and wants to see it all! FuuFuu is most pleased to know she has friends out there that aren't just her mom and sisters, which gives her confidence to keep exploring the vast world. She has many strange creatures and beings but nothing that scared her out of her whits - yet.



FuuFuu is very small, possibly around 3 feet tall. Even for someone so small, she can get loud if she needs too. As stated before, she is very curious and tends to walk up to strangers and investigate them very closely. Sniffing their hair or their scent, trying to understand who they might be or what they were doing. FuuFuu isn't a human afterall! This look is a mere disguise that she chose and feels it suits her best, this applies to all her siblings and mother.



This is how FuuFuu originally looks like! She is very tiny in her true form, stretching out to be about 5-6 inches! Fuu and her family are a species known as CopyCats! Particularly, the sub species known as Shade. The CopyCats are from a pocket within a pocket of dimensions, separating them from all beings and life in general. There is another sub species known as Pure that live in this same dimension but much further away from Shade. But besides the matter, Shade CopyCats live in darkness, which they would describe to be more like an endless cave. Time by time, groups of these felines can live their dormain and explore the outside world or worlds and collect DNA for themselves.

The purpose of this is to improve their own generics and hopefully apply this to their future offspring. The Copycats don't have or require organs to survive. They simply are trying to blend in, become human or whomever catches their interest. Once they gather DNA from a being or creature, THAT creature's generic make-up (inside and out) are copied. This gives the CopyCat a new disguise to play around with. They can copy them without gaining the creature's DNA but it won't be as accurate as they want it. This is in addition to voices. OF COURSE,  this excludes any special powers and mutations as well implants; they can easily fill in the gaps with a good visual.

Shade CopyCats are cold to the touch but their insides are very hot. They can also spit acid. The main colour of their insides are white, the secondary colour being what their moodlets are.  And not all of them share the same colour moodlet.

For example - FuuFuu's main (calm) moodlet is Pink! When surprised or alarmed, (eyes, blush, insides, blood, acid) become Orange. Anger/Attack mode would be Green. And Love would be a soft Blue!

*I should also note that Shade Copycats travel through shaded or dark areas. Pure travel from bright or white places.

Shade and Pure CopyCats are my own species that I made.




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