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  1. oh thanks! that means a lot heres some more! O: you saved me from double posting LOL
  2. HELLO sorry for necromancing my own thread but IM BACK WITH MORE webbers were drawn by my friend dave (smallprincee). i have permission to post! hey @klei can we please get a t-pose emote
  3. the WX in our group is just an angry worm hiding between walani's sanity surfboards is it just me or does survivor max look like he has a concussion this isnt shipping i swear dont flag me grue willow? max @ wilson most of the time
  4. GET MEMED MAX ive drawn banana man a lot lately im sorry
  5. waits for the onslaught of messages just begging to let the thread die
  6. lighting does not condone the a n i m e m a x w e l l
  7. thought some of you folks might like this. credit to lychgate for the original dorito face bad touch senpai and shota boy comic.
  8. Casual/Bed hair Maxwell WX with android upgrades Wolfgang!
  9. pls help me make gordan ramsay/cutthroat kitchen/iron chef memes with warly
  10. i feel like this summarizes wilson 80% of the time.