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  1. First I wanted to say Hello Everyone and welcome to my Art and Doodles Galore thread! Here I post my doodles or stuff that I made along side with some friends! I do hope you don't mind my silly art! Ahaha Here we have a lovely comic based on actual in-game experience with friends. On the left, we have a marvelous display on the all powerful and wise scientist tackling on Deerclops all alone! (Done by WPH) And on the right is my comic about being Willow and Wilson (WPH) being mad at me for using turf to fuel fire. Some quick freehand doodles! I think Maxwell was once part of the Beetles Now we have here the cutie FuuFuu (my OC) holding a Rabbit! And Last but not Least! Survivor Skin! Wilson! This Wilson is part of a group Survivor Picture I am currently working on! Here is a WIP version of it!
  2. Art and Doodles Galore

    well.. i forgot that I originally signed into the forums with my STEAM account but for some reason, when i came back, I was signed out and so... i ended up signing into my Google+ account - i... I simply forgot xD
  3. Art and Doodles Galore

    i signed in in the wrong account - oops
  4. Art and Doodles Galore

    Robin all dressed up for Halloween! She is Robin ! With her own cute flare ~
  5. Art and Doodles Galore

    Oh it has been a long while... I apologize for that. Been feeling a bit under the weather but I am feeling better now! Um, time for an art! 8D My Candy Ladies! Ms. Giggles is a Marshmallow | Lily is a Chocolate Bunny | Cookie is a Cookie | Cherry is a Lolipop | and Kiwi is a Gummy Bear
  6. I Liiiive hello all.
    I am finally streaming again.

    Come check it out!


  7. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    OH Ahahahah Thank you for this very silly picture! Poor FuuFuu ahahah thank you for this cute silly pic! I adore it <3
  8. Art and Doodles Galore

    With my return, have a Maxwell in all his glory :3

    Sorry for my long silence, I haven't been feeling good but I am back! Still a bit groggy but I am back!

    I will be streaming tomorrow! So keep an eye out for that!

    Missed ya!

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    2. PiturcaClaudiuStef
    3. Chris1448


      Hope ya feel better. Can't wait for tha stream!

    4. DragonMage156


      Great to have you back :)

  10. I scream yes to the heavens this sounds so freaking beast, ahhhhh I love it so much. Lee is so creepy but .... ;w; so cute! (I'm a ******* weirdo :P) but man! That wowie! Ahaha is gonna be hella fun! Might as well barracade Whitford in a wall enclosed base while being Lee. I was wondering, will Lee be able to phase through walls or would this make him solid if he gets his body in Freelance mode?
  11. Art and Doodles Galore

    Wow! Thanks @WPH Your tutorial how to draw Maxwell really works!
  12. Art and Doodles Galore

    This is how Dearclops looks like, right?
  13. Hey Everyone!
    Sad to say but the Stream is over for the day. It was a lot of fun though!

    Maybe this will be a weekly thing, who knows! Lets see yeh? Thank you all that did come visit! See you next time!


    You can check out the drawings here!


    1. YouKnowWho



    2. AnonymousKoala


      you stream for so long. I'm sorry I wasn't there for most of it this time(what I did see though was great)

    3. PiturcaClaudiuStef


      it was pretty great 

  14. Hey Everyone!
    I wanted to remind you all that my Art Stream will art in 5 minutes!

    Come check it out! Or just drop by to say hi!



  15. Hey Everyone! Yzarc here to announce that today, July 15, I will be hosting an Art Stream! Yay!

    The stream will start at 7 AM EDT

    You can check it out on:



    I'll be sure to make another announcement when I am about start the stream so no worries! I just thought I'll give you all a heads up!

    1. AnonymousKoala


      how many hours from now?

    2. YzarcCreations


      that is about less than 4 hours from now.

    3. PhelsarusBeel
  16. Art and Doodles Galore

    Elegant Guest of Honor FuuFuu
  17. Art and Doodles Galore

    Survivor FuuFuu
  18. Art and Doodles Galore

    It's raining today...
  19. Art and Doodles Galore

    It's a pretty wide picture but tadaaaa Our Survivor Trio are here!
  20. Art and Doodles Galore

    OH MY GOODNESS ahahahah xD this is great!
  21. Art and Doodles Galore

    Well, FuuFuu was made about a month or so ago and is a tiny OC of mine. FuuFuu's actual age is 10 but can appear or behave like she's 5 or 6. Um... yeah! A bit of a back ground story under the cut to explain more who she is and what she is.
  22. Art and Doodles Galore

    Willow, Don't use Wilson's face to lit matches - rude
  23. Art and Doodles Galore

    @WPH and I have been talking about our little AU about Whitford and Wanda activating Hell Island 2.0 and so... Here are some doodles of Grue!Wanda
  24. Art and Doodles Galore

    Oh - I forgot to post this doodle of PrettyBoy Wilson Time for the FuuFuu Cute Attack