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Gavary's art thread

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Hello! i've been drawing dont starve art lately since i really love the game art style so i decided to put some of my art in here. ill try to answer things if you have question. 

gonna expect a lot of wilson drawing here because i drew that dork guy a lot

dont starve doodle1.pngdont starve doodle2.png


This one is my favorite:


on the side note, im still new to this forum and english is not my first language so sorry if i make grammar mistakes

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Your images tell a story...

"Once upon a time, Webber was bored and thus decided to assist Wilson at an experiment on the test subject Chester. Even a dork could've seen that it'd go wrong, and Wilson ended up exploding the fuzzball in a violent, bloody mess. At this point, the storyteller made a really awkward face, and it is said he still makes it today. But that is just a fable..."

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MY EXAM ARE OVER AND IM FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! *cough* sorry where was i?

here's some of drawing that i make during my procrastination, i may havent post drawing recently but actually i've been drawing stuff  A LOT. most of them wasnt finished tho so im gonna try finishing it later

sleepy wilson.png

Scientist Willsin ver2.png

i also try to animating it

This one.gif


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