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  1. before the update i rarely see bug like this, but since the occupational update start, this start to appear frequently
  2. hello its me again i've been really busy with college so there's not many stuff i make this one actually was made for @rubidiumsart im glad you enjoy it!
  3. i'm back ok so when i first saw that Wendy costume i was imagining that the eye where moving as well, and so i made this
  4. hmmm i never thought what line he would says on that dialog box, the reason why i draw it so that the image doesnt look so empty on the upper left corner
  5. here you go trying to draw triumphant Wilson but without the shadow suits this time
  6. more art i was meant to post this for tomorrow but nah, im just going to post this right now more importantly, here's dapper Maxwell and Willow!
  7. And then Wilson's died of fire The End.
  9. she's got confidence because there's still someone who is shorter than her
  10. Why thank you Cameo! super late reply i know
  11. i.....never post that on DA, i only post that on tumblr :0
  12. I HAVE RETURN!! also here's an another animated Chester, its a little too big i hope you don't mind
  13. some sketch i may or may not going to color this lmao
  14. how did you know there's a 29 frames in total Mobbstar? im kinda curious, is there a way to check that? also i use FireAlpaca to make this gif, at first im not used to draw/animate on that program since im mainly use SAI but im getting the hang of it now.
  15. and here's more! some animation i did few days ago.
  16. i havent post anything in a month, so here something to make up for it. ill post more later.
  17. i can get to see the behind the scenes of that one drawing of yours, this is great! and welcome to the forums!
  18. I DID NOT EXPECT THAT IM SO HAPPY!!! and because of that i drew this↓