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The New Don't Starve Update [aka lolwut]

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osmRhodey    1471

Okay so the files updated. Some of these look interesting and make me excited but then there are some things like...

post-386662-0-84197600-1448926384_thumb. [Wepeatski]

That is making me laugh.

I might post up more findings. I'm just too busy laughing at some of these and fawning at others.


I love this company.

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Zillvr    1795

Prediction: One of Wepeatski's perks is sailing faster than normal.

uh....double eye-patch? This guy can't see squat!

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osmRhodey    1471

Only new thing I spotted in the inventory file was a dug up cactus. :DDD


Otherwise I had found these. I'm looking through the sounds and stuff as we speak.

Klei, you are a great company. ♥


post-386662-0-72485400-1448927243_thumb. CAPY!!

post-386662-0-15846900-1448927244_thumb. Someone want to explain the alternate portraits? Also look! Unimplemented characters! 8D

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osmRhodey    1471

@osmRhodey, I must say, thank you for taking the time to put them into spoilers.


Well of course. I don't wish to be one of the naughty people. :)


Also question. Anyone get a code in the mail? :0

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osmRhodey    1471

@osmRhodey, the dug up cacti has always been there.


Not as far as I had known. It's not in the DST inventory images soooo...when it was added is not known to me.

I could post up that as well if anyone happens to see anything new I don't.

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Kzisor    1061

@osmRhodey, in the DS files it's been there the entire time.


There is new FX for Ash and Hail, so there will be hail storms and probably volcanic ash falling from volcano's erupting.

There will be flooding based on shaders.

TURF_BEACH = "Beach Turf",

TURF_JUNGLE = "Jungle Turf",


TURF_VOLCANO = "Volcano Turf",

TURF_ASH = "Ashy Turf",


TURF_TIDALMARSH = "Tidal Marsh Turf",

TURF_MEADOW = "Meadow Turf",

TRINKET_13 = "Orange Soda",

TRINKET_14 = "Voodoo Doll",

TRINKET_15 = "Ukulele",

TRINKET_16 = "License Plate",

TRINKET_17 = "Old Boot",

TRINKET_18 = "Ancient Vase",

TRINKET_19 = "Brain Cloud Pill",

TRINKET_20 = "Sextant",

TRINKET_21 = "Toy Boat",

TRINKET_22 = "Wine Bottle Candle",

TRINKET_23 = "Broken AAC Device", -- AAC = Augmentative and Alternative Communication

---------------------- Capy DLC Strings------------------

PRIMEAPE = "Prime Ape",


WILDBOREHOUSE = "Wildbore House",

WILDBORE = "Wildbore",

WILDBOREGUARD = "Wildbore Guard",

WOODLEGS_CAGE = "Woodlegs' Cage",

WOODLEGS_KEY1 = "Woodlegs' Key",

WOODLEGS_KEY2 = "Woodlegs' Key",

WOODLEGS_KEY3 = "Woodlegs' Key",


BERRYBUSH2_SNAKE = "Berry Bush",

DOYDOY = "Doydoy bird",

DOYDOYEGG = "Doydoy egg",

DOYDOYNEST = "Doydoy nest",

DOYDOYBABY = "Baby Doydoy",

DOYDOYFEATHER = "Doydoy Feather",

DANPIN = "Danjaya's Map Pin",

CHRISTIANPIN = "Christian's Map Pin",

DAVEPIN = "Dave's Map Pin",

DREWPIN = "Drew's Map Pin",

JONPIN = "Jon's Map Pin",

MATTPIN = "Matt's Map Pin",

BAMBOOTREE = "Bamboo Patch",

BAMBOO = "Bamboo",

DUG_BAMBOOTREE = "Bamboo Root",

PALMLEAF_HUT = "Palm Leaf Hut",

THATCHPACK = "ThatchPack",

GRASS_WATER = "Grass",

PIRATEPACK = "BootyBag",

PEG_LEG = "Peg Leg",

BUSH_VINE = "Viney Bush",

SNAKEDEN = "Viney Bush",

VINE = "Vine",

DUG_BUSH_VINE = "Viney Bush Root",

ROWBOAT = "Row Boat",

RAFT = "Raft",

LOGRAFT = "Log Raft",

ARMOUREDBOAT = "Armoured Boat",

SURFBOARD = "Surfboard",

SURFBOARD_ITEM = "Surfboard",

SEASHELL = "Seashell",


PALMTREE = "Palm Tree",

TREEGUARD = "Palm Treeguard",

COCONUT = "Coconut",

COCONUT_SAPLING = "Palm Tree Sapling",

MUSSEL = "Mussel",

MUSSEL_COOKED = "Cooked Mussel",

MUSSEL_STICK = "Mussel Stick",

MUSSEL_FARM = "Mussels",

COCONUT_COOKED = "Roasted Coconut",

MESSAGEBOTTLE = "Message in a Bottle",


BURIEDTREASURE = "X Marks the Spot",

MACHETE = "Machete",

GOLDENMACHETE = "Luxury Machete",

TELESCOPE = "Spyglass",

SUPERTELESCOPE = "Super Spyglass",

BERMUDATRIANGLE = "Electric Isosceles",

SANDBAG = "Sandbag",

SANDBAG_ITEM = "Sandbag",



SAND = "Sand",

SANDHILL = "Sandy Pile",

DUBLOON = "Dubloons",

CRAB = "Crab",

CRAB_HIDDEN = "Shifting Sands",

CRABHOLE = "Crab Den",

OBSIDIAN_BENCH = "Obsidian Workbench",

OBSIDIAN_BENCH_BROKEN = "Broken Obsidian Workbench",

JUNGLETREE = "Jungle Tree",

JUNGLE_TREE_SEED = "Jungle Tree Seed",

JUNGLE_TREE_SAPLING = "Jungle Tree Sapling",

BANANA_TREE = "Banana Tree",

BANANA = "Banana",

BANANA_COOKED = "Cooked Banana",

SEAWEED = "Seaweed",

SEAWEED_COOKED = "Roasted Seaweed",


SEAWEED_DRIED = "Dried Seaweed",

BOAT_INDICATOR = "Don't Click On Me!",


LIMPETROCK = "Limpet Rock",

LIMPETS = "Limpets",

LIMPETS_COOKED = "Cooked Limpets",

SWEET_POTATO = "Sweet Potato",

SWEET_POTATO_COOKED = "Cooked Sweet Potato",

SWEET_POTATO_SEEDS = "Sweet Potato Seeds",


LUGGAGECHEST = "Steamer Trunk",

OCTOPUSCHEST = "Octo Chest",

PEACOCK = "Peacock",

COCONADE = "Coconade",

OBSIDIANCOCONADE = "Obsidian Coconade",

OX = "Ox",

BABYOX = "Baby Ox",

TOUCAN = "Toucan",

SEAGULL = "Seagull",

SEAGULL_WATER = "Seagull",

PARROT = "Parrot",

TUNACAN = '"Ballphin Free" Tuna',

SEATRAP = "Sea Trap",

DRAGOON = "Dragoon",

DRAGOONEGG = "Dragoon egg",

DRAGOONSPIT = "Dragoon Saliva",

SNAKE = "Snake",

SNAKE_POISON = "Poison Snake",

VENOMGLAND = "Venom Gland",

LOBSTER = "Wobster",

LOBSTER_DEAD = "Dead Wobster",

LOBSTER_DEAD_COOKED = "Delicious Wobster",

LOBSTERHOLE = "Wobster Den",

BALLPHIN = "Bottlenose Ballphin",

WHALE_BLUE = "Blue Whale",

WHALE_WHITE = "White Whale",

WHALE_CARCASS_BLUE = "Blue Whale Carcass",

WHALE_CARCASS_WHITE = "White Whale Carcass",

WHALE_BUBBLES = "Suspicious Bubbles",

BLUBBER = "Blubber",

BLUBBERSUIT = "Blubber Suit",

ANTIVENOM = "Anti Venom",

BLOWDART_POISON = "Poison Dart",

POISONHOLE = "Poisonous Hole",

SPEAR_POISON = "Poison Spear",

OBSIDIANAXE = "Obsidian Axe",

OBSIDIANMACHETE = "Obsidian Machete",

OBSIDIANSPEARGUN = "Obsidian Speargun",

SPEAR_OBSIDIAN = "Obsidian Spear",

ARMOROBSIDIAN = "Obsidian Armour",

CAPTAINHAT = "Captain Hat",

PIRATEHAT = "Pirate Hat",

WORNPIRATEHAT = "Worn Pirate Hat",

GASHAT = "Gas Mask",


JELLYFISH = "Jellyfish",


JELLYFISH_DEAD = "Dead Jellyfish",

JELLYFISH_COOKED = "Cooked Jellyfish",

JELLYJERKY = "Dried Jellyfish",

SPEARGUN = "Speargun",

SPEARGUN_POISON = "Poison Speargun",

HARPOON = "Harpoon",

TRIDENT = "Trident",

ARMOR_SNAKESKIN = "Snakeskin Jacket",

SNAKESKINHAT = "Snakeskin Hat",

SNAKESKIN = "Snakeskin",

BIGFISHINGROD = "Sport Fishing Rod",

REDBARREL = "Gunpower Barrel",

CHIMINEA = "Chiminea",

OBSIDIANFIREPIT = "Obsidian Fire Pit",

OBSIDIAN = "Obsidian",

LAVAPOOL = "Lava Pool",

EARRING = "One True Earring",

CUTLASS = "Cutlass Supreme",

FABRIC = "Cloth",

ARMORSEASHELL = "Seashell Suit",

SEASACK = "Sea Sack",

PIRATIHATITATOR = "Piratihatitator",

SLOTMACHINE = "Slot Machine",

VOLCANO = "Volcano",

VOLCANO_EXIT = "Volcano",

VOLCANO_ALTAR = "Volcano Altar of Sackrifice",

VOLCANOSTAFF = "Volcano Staff",

ICEMAKER = "Ice Maker 3000",

COFFEEBEANS = "Coffee Beans",

COFFEE = "Coffee",

COFFEEBEANS_COOKED = "Roasted Coffee Beans",

COFFEEBUSH = "Coffee Plant",

DUG_COFFEEBUSH = "Coffee Plant",

SPICEPACK = "Spice Satchel",

MAILPACK = "Letter Carrier Bag",

PORTABLECOOKPOT = "Portable Crock Pot",

PORTABLECOOKPOT_ITEM = "Portable Crock Pot",

ELEPHANTCACTUS = "Elephant Cactus",

DUG_ELEPHANTCACTUS = "Elephant Cactus",

NEEDLESPEAR = "Cactus Spike",

SAIL = "Thatch Sail",

CLOTHSAIL = "Cloth Sail",

FEATHERSAIL = "Feather Lite Sail",

IRONWIND = "Iron Wind",

BOAT_LANTERN = "Boat Lantern",

FISH_RAW = "Raw Fish",

FISH_MED_COOKED = "Fish Steak",

FISH_MED = "Dead Dogfish",

FISH_RAW_SMALL = "Fish Morsel",

FISH_RAW_SMALL_COOKED = "Cooked Fish Morsel",


CARGOBOAT = "Cargo Boat",

CORALREEF = "Coral Reef",

CORAL = "Coral",

PALMLEAF = "Palm Leaf",

TRAWLNET = "Trawl Net",


BOATCANNON = "Boat Cannon",

LIMESTONE = "Limestone",

ARMORLIMESTONE = "Limestone Suit",

WALL_LIMESTONE = "Limestone Wall",

WALL_LIMESTONE_ITEM = "Limestone Wall",

SOLOFISH = "Dogfish",

ARMOR_WINDBREAKER = "Windbreaker",

BOTTLELANTERN = "Bottle Lantern",

SAND_CASTLE = "Sand Castle",


HAIL_ICE = "Hail",

CALIFORNIAROLL = "California Roll",

SEAFOODGUMBO = "Seafood Gumbo",

BISQUE = "Bisque",

CEVICHE = "Ceviche",

JELLYOPOP = "Jelly-O Pop",

BANANAPOP = "Banana Pop",

LOBSTERBISQUE = "Lobster Bisque",

LOBSTERDINNER = "Lobster Dinner",

SHARKFINSOUP = "Shark Fin Soup",

SURFNTURF = "Surf 'n' Turf",

SWORDFISH = "Swordfish",

DEAD_SWORDFISH = "Swordfish",

BIOLUMINESCENCE = "Bioluminescence",

SHARK_FIN = "Shark Fin",

SHARK_GILLS = "Shark Gills",

STUNGRAY = "Stink Ray",

TURBINE_BLADES = "Turbine Blades",

TIGERSHARK = "Tiger Shark",

SHARKITTEN = "Sharkitten",

BOATREPAIRKIT = "Boat Repair Kit",

OBSIDIAN_WORKBENCH = "Obsidian Workbench",

VOLLEYBALL = "Rawlings",


PACKIM = "Packim Baggims",

SHARX = "Sea Hound",

SNAKEOIL = "Snake Oil",

FROG_POISON = "Poison Frog",

MYSTERYMEAT = "Bile-Covered Slop",

OCTOPUSKING = "Yaarctopus",

MAGMAROCK = "Magma Pile",

MAGMAROCK_GOLD = "Magma Pile",

FLUP = "Flup",

CORAL_BRAIN_ROCK = "Brainy Sprout",

CORAL_BRAIN = "Brainy Matter",

BRAINJELLYHAT = "Brain of Thought",

EUREKAHAT = "Eureka! Hat",

MANGROVETREE = "Mangrove",

FLAMEGEYSER = "Krissure",

TIDALPOOL = "Tidal Pool",

TIDAL_PLANT = "Plant",


TELEPORTATO_SW_BOX = "Screw thing",

TELEPORTATO_SW_CRANK = "Grassy thing",

TELEPORTATO_SW_POTATO = "Wooden potato thing",

TELEPORTATO_SW_BASE = "Wooden platform thing",

TELEPORTATO_SW_CHECKMATE = "Wooden platform thing",

KNIGHTBOAT = "Floaty Boaty Knight",

LIVINGJUNGLETREE = "Regular Jungle Tree",


WALLYINTRO = "Rude Bird",

BLOWDART_FLUP = "Eyeshot",

MOSQUITO_POISON = "Poison Mosquito",

MERMFISHER = "Fishermerm",

MERMHOUSE_FISHER = "Fishermerm's Hut",

MOSQUITOSACK_YELLOW = "Yellow Mosquito Sack",

SHARK_TEETHHAT = "Shark Tooth Crown",

BOAT_TORCH ="Boat Torch",





N = "North",

S = "South",

E = "East",

W = "West",

NE = "Northeast",

SE = "Southeast",

NW = "Northwest",

SW = "Southwest",


BOOK_BRIMSTONE = "The world will end in fire and tribulation!",

BOOK_METEOR = "Recipe description goes here",

ANTIVENOM = "Cures that not so fresh poisoned feeling.",

BLOWDART_POISON = "Spit poison at your enemies.",

ROWBOAT = "Row row row your boat!",

MACHETE = "Hack stuff!",

GOLDENMACHETE = "Hack stuff with STYLE!",

ARMOR_LIFEJACKET = "Safety first!",

TELESCOPE = "See across the sea.",

PALMLEAF_HUT = "Escape the rain. Mostly.",

SANDBAG_ITEM = "Sand, waters greatest enemy.",

CHIMINEA = "Fire and wind don't mix.",

PIRATEHAT = "It's a pirate's life for ye!",

WORNPIRATEHAT = "It's a pirate's life for ye!",

PIRATIHATITATOR = "Deppify the power of your pirate hat.",

SLOTMACHINE = "Where are all the old ladies?",

ICEMAKER = "Ice, ice, baby!",

VOLCANOSTAFF = "The sky is falling!",

MUSSEL_STICK = "Mussels stick to it!",

SEATRAP = "It's a trap for sea creatures.",

LIMESTONE = "Stone, with a hint of lime.",

ARMORLIMESTONE = "Sartorial reef.",

WALL_LIMESTONE_ITEM = "It's a coral reef wall.",

ARMOR_WINDBREAKER = "Break some wind!",

BOTTLELANTERN = "Glowing ocean goo in a bottle.",

OBSIDIANAXE = "Like a regular axe only hotter.",

OBSIDIANMACHETE = "Hack 'n burn!",

OBSIDIANFIREPIT = "The firiest of all fires!",

RAFT = "Totally sort of seaworthy.",

SURFBOARD = "Cowabunga dudes!",

CARGOBOAT = "Hoarding at sea!",

SAIL = "Catch the wind!",

CLOTHSAIL = "Catch even more wind!",

FEATHERSAIL = "Like a bird's wing for you boat!",

BOAT_LANTERN = "Shed some light on the situation.",

BOATCANNON = "It's got your boat's back.",

TRAWLNET = "A patient fisherman is rewarded.",

CAPTAINHAT = "Wear one. Your boat will respect you more.",

SEASACK = "Keeps your food fresher longer!",

ARMORSEASHELL = "Like chainmail. Only with shells.",

SPEAR_OBSIDIAN = "How 'bout a lil' fire with your spear?",

ARMOROBSIDIAN = "Hot to the touch.",



SPEARGUN = "Never sail without one!",

SPEARGUN_POISON = "Sick shot!",


CUTLASS = "Fish were harmed in the making of this.",

SAND_CASTLE = "Therapeutic and relaxing.",

WALL_LIMESTONE_ITEM = "Strong wall segments.",

FABRIC = "Bamboo is so versatile!",

AERODYNAMICHAT = "Aerodynamic design for efficient travel.",

GASHAT = "Why smell bad smells?",

SNAKESKINHAT = "Keep the rain off and look cool doing it.",

ARMOR_SNAKESKIN = "Stay dry and leathery.",

SPEAR_POISON = "Jab 'em with a sick stick.",

IRONWIND = "Motorin'!",

BOATREPAIRKIT = "Stay afloat in that boat!",

MONKEYBARREL = "A barrel brimming with monkeys.",

BRAINJELLYHAT = "Well aren't you clever?",

EUREKAHAT = "For when inspiration strikes.",

ARMOUREDBOAT = "Break some waves.",

THATCHPACK = "Carry a light load.",

LOGRAFT = "Boat at your own risk.",

SANDBAGSMALL_ITEM = "Flood-proof.",

WALL_LIMESTONE = "Tough wall segments.",

GOLDNUGGET = "Gold! Gold! Gold!",

BOOK_METEOR = "And the sky shall rain fire!",

BLUBBERSUIT = "A disgusting way to stay dry.",

BOAT_TORCH = "See at sea.",

PRIMEAPEBARREL = "Wanna monkey around?",





"Jean Claud Van Dan",

"Donny Jepp",



"Reginald VelJohnson",

"Dan Van 3000",

"Van Dader",







"Jonny Dregs",








"Black Beard",







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Asparagus    9135
TURF_VOLCANO = "Volcano Turf", TURF_ASH = "Ashy Turf", TURF_MAGMAFIELD = "Magma Turf", TURF_TIDALMARSH = "Tidal Marsh Turf", TURF_MEADOW = "Meadow Turf",


so we can pick up dirt covered in lava... XD

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osmRhodey    1471

Selectscreen Portraits XML tells me the 4 characters are






Wepeatski (Probably just an easter egg)


EDIT: Walani.


How do you open those files? :0


EDIT: Nvm got it. :)

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