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<3 Asparanoob is my new ship lol


( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) do you kiss your mother with those fingers?




Still, it's got a nice, "gong" sound to it...



it does when you go to vegas! you looked like half the other people getting married! or should I say hitched?

Don't they get the certificate AFTER the wedding? 

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You guys are really good at focusing on each other instead of this suggestive video about ponies!

hmmm it's time for obstacle number 2!!!! *runs away and shouts back* DON'T LET THE GREAT LOVE SAMURAI STEAL YOUR MATE!

*gigantic thuds from a 20 foot pink samurai thunder across the ground... He looks at NoobModder and Asparagus and points his 10 foot long katana at them* (yes, that was an innuendo)

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