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  1. Gods, it's been a while. Is anyone still here?

  2. Nicely drawn i'd love to see some item weapons like blink dagger or daedalus implemented
  3. Willow and WX are on my list, a science-based wilson one would be cool too
  4. I'm loving that facial expression so much :,D Mine is a bit rushed this time but have a Stingodile Some wonder which pair of white dots is the Stingodile's Eyes but noone has ever gotten close enough to see. Or at least not returned. Next blend shall be a Pidgeon and a Firefly
  5. Here you go, a nightmarish Troachie god this thing is gonna haunt me in my dreams Nooow draw a mixture of a Polar Bear and a Ladybird
  6. that was a thing on the old forum, gonna have to replace it soon
  7. Sorry, forgot about that, will be adding it to the description thanks!
  8. I invented a thing! Check it out!


  9. Introducing my very first take on inventing a forum game: The Grandiose Animal Blend-A-Thon It works like this: You name a blend of 2 real animals. For example Parrot and Mantis. Now your task is to draw the previous poster's animal-blend in a Don't-Starve-like artstyle. No need to get too artsy with it, the idea counts and everyone is welcome to join our little spectacle. Like this: Now you name your Animal. I'll call this abomination the Marrot. Lastly you choose 2 animals for the next poster to blend. Thanks in advance to anyone participating and your Animals are: Bee and Yak
  10. *down lows back* filthy thief Thanks very much :3 forgot about the shadow thing, i added it to the collection
  11. Collection of my old Artsy Stuff Wilson in a Winter Wonderland Shipwrecked-Hype-Thing Butterfly Wilson's Bee-Juice Shadow Monster Animation (click to play) I'll let the other drawings rest in the old thread.
  12. Hey everyone who made their way to this little art gallery!The old one has been archived (http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/58787-jules-fanarts-and-stuff/) and i thought i'd revive this thang Featured: Greetings, Jules
  13. Sorry for being absent for so long!

    Please accept this all new Cursor Pack as an apology :3