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  1. Where you at, bro?

  2. I wanna pet you and you're bready goodness.

  3. HAHAH! I'm gonna kill myself HAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


    1. Asparagus



      Take pictures for every step for documentation purposes and for science... killing yourself doesn't mean being you stop being productive O__O

  4. Yo dawg, that is actually pretty dope.
  5. sup, there, i spoke to you.
  6. Vote ban Mage for banning mack because he was waiting for L to be a gentleman.
  7. cat queen draws cats, typical
  8. I have just realized, everytime at night, around 10pm-12pm. I slam my head into the pillow and i pass out until the morning, also, i am blind during the process

  9. are you back m8? Are you alive? Or you're just lurking?

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    2. DwerBomb


      Eh, tumblr fashion maybe

    3. DwerBomb


      Plus my sanity was too low, I needed something to get it back up! 

    4. Derpime


      lol, it's going to be rotten soon, make a new one. Or drink some blood, or be a baked potato, or invade some planets, or do some teenager-things.

  10. geni, derpify greeny. Take his current avatar, and derpify it.
  11. Vote ban Asparagus for making everyone thinking that you're a girl
  12. There ya go, Crystal Maiden, i can only play her now for some reasons. Can't play carry, can't play jug, can't play Io, just Rylai. Also, RIP broken profile image

  13. why is everyone leaving? Not literally of course, but that number is still something.