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  1. thx :3 I didn't even know what crosshatch was x-x (thank google)
  2. I've never tried that before >-< maybe today I will <3
  3. Quick Wendy sketch before I go to bed :3 (The red is way more noticeable on Wendy because she is harder for me to draw lol x3 Here it is with the red deleted: <3 ~Faelove
  4. here's webber for you all :3 enjoy! ~Faelove
  5. Hey there netizens :3 I had this great idea for a DS comic, but I'm not that great at art :/ SO I decided that I should practice and get feedback! (Hopefully this is a good idea... ;-; ) I will just start off by making some mugshot sketches of the characters, and maybe I will finish them in the future. They will all start with this base: (there will be 3 different colors in more complete sketches: blue is the start base as above red is for adding in the details and purple is for the finished sketch) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to anyone who helps and gives feedback! <3 I shall post my first sketch soon Have a good day!!! ~Faelove
  6. if i could do the art could someone do it? :3 (for free obviously) ~Faelove
  7. There have been mods for things like this for DS, but not DST Maybe I want my character to relax with a cup a tea after a day of hard work :3, or some chocolate as a reward of sorts Wouldn't that be nice? There could be tea leaves to pick, and some coffee/cocoa bean plants around as well Then you could make other stuff like chocolate milk and coffee cake!!! Please make it happen! ~Faelove (tell me what you guys think!)
  8. just an excuse to use survivor Wilson lol so bored xD