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I've gathered that some people are a bit bugged that there's multiple Wilsons in worlds right now, and I suppose I can understand that. From a gameplay standpoint, it doesn't make sense to prevent people from playing a character just because someone else does. From a Lore standpoint, it just opens up possibilities!

I had a brief discussion with osmRhodey about it, and we decided it was time shenanigans, more or less.


  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:think it's possible that when all the characters were pulled into the DS world they were left on like seperate "worlds"??????
  • - The Letter WooOOOOooOOoooOO:I kind of figured that was the case
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:considering every time you travel through the potato or make a new file the world is randomly generated
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:@_@
  • - The Letter WooOOOOooOOoooOO:Kind of like a house with many doors.
  • - The Letter WooOOOOooOOoooOO:Except when you leave one door, it's replaced with another one.
  • - The Letter WooOOOOooOOoooOO:Or something.
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:so many doors
  • - The Letter WooOOOOooOOoooOO:I don't know where I was going with this.
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:like a maze almost
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:every block has a certain amount of doors
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:you choose one
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:you go through
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:it gets locked behind you
  • - The Letter WooOOOOooOOoooOO:Or Maxwell throws you into one, whatever happens really.
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:you have doors to choose from
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:rinse and repeat
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:or that lmao
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:maxwell throws you at doors
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:XD
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:but yeah
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:so they're all on different worlds
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:then the doors are made/created
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:and suddenly the worlds begin getting connected
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:thus DST
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:only problem being some of them can go through past, present, or future?
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:so you can run into another you from an old island you died on?
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:idk
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:lol
  • - The Letter WooOOOOooOOoooOO:Maybe what he has is an island for each character,
  • - The Letter WooOOOOooOOoooOO:and when they teleportato, while they're transporting through it,
  • - The Letter WooOOOOooOOoooOO:the island is reconfigured,
  • - The Letter WooOOOOooOOoooOO:and the skeletons you see are your past attempts.
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:i'm just thinking because you can have more than 1 of a character
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:so what if it's like a past you?
  • - The Letter WooOOOOooOOoooOO:But since it's a new world, they don't recognize them
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:lo:O
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:that'd be cool
  • - The Letter WooOOOOooOOoooOO:This is like some Homestuck s**t you're talking about lmfao
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:OH I'M SORRY
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:i'm trying to make a reason so people stop b****ing about too many wilsons
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:lmao
  • - BooOOOooOoSM-Rhodey:F***ING


Censored the SWEARS for the sake of some of our younger readers, and I think censored swears are more hilarious than actual ones.


But this is just one theory! What do you guys think? Maybe one of you thinks Wilson reproduces like a cell by splitting himself in half and becoming two. Some people have some interesting theories, and I WANT TO HEAR THEM.

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It just seemed like something that could be possible by the will of them.  If they want to see multiple Wilson's in a world together, they are going to see it.  No matter if it breaks the parallel dimensions and/or timelines.  It's a world with rules that can be made up on the fly (per island).  It's all just a game.

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Wilson: Well, Maxwell, the gear is stupid. It can't move. Even if we were to put the gear in at Point B, it's still just going to bounce around back and forth until it gets kicked out at the B end. ... but if it were smart... it could enter at the B end, and exit at the A end before it flips back.

Maxwell: You're talking about building a bigger one? ... you're talking about making a bigger one.

Wilson: I... I didn't say anything. You're the one talking about it. So you believe me?

Maxwell: ... no.

Wilson: C'mon, let's go get a drink or something.




Wilson: I'm staying here.

Maxwell: Why? They'll be building their own portals in another day, and yours already knows what they've built. You'd not going to be able to watch them forever.

Wilson: The portal Wilson is building won't work. He's got it wired wrong. And if he figures it out, I'll start taking pieces out of it. It's just a gimmick, it doesn't work anymore. And your double will say they have to move on to something else, and mine will agree. They're friends.

Maxwell: You're staying. Why... why? Let's see, why would Wilson stay? What possible reason could there be to be here? I guess... that it just won't go back far enough, will it. I'll tell you what... Why don't you just take Willow, and put her in the box, and then you and Maxwell can each keep a set, and you can stop feeding off of them. You can each keep a set in a hemisphere.

Wilson: Don't come back. And I don't think there's been any reason to show you what I'm capable of, but I'm telling you this now: go out there and do whatever you want, there's no way in the world I can stop you, but just don't come back here, and don't come near them. Any of them.

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