Teaser For Early Access Update 3: GR@ND B@z@@r -- Arrives Sept. 30

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Well, I'm here :-)



Free Steam Key confirmed too, I sent it to a friend and he got Invisible Inc from it.

Thanks a lot Klei !


What was the key? I tried putting BAWS but it didn't work.



Oh shoot It's a 5 isn't it? I tried replacing Q with O and V with Y and stuff.. didn't know the key could have numbers in it (never used one before). maybe next time ;) 

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From what I've found, the exact key was : G1ZC-BAW5-TOUX-KQJV


Totally out of topic question : where did you get those banners with game names under your avatar guys ?

Cause I own MotNinja, Don't Starve (both Steam and consle) and Invisible Inc, I'm curious :)

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Wouldn't Bl@ck M@rk3t be a better Nethack reference? :p


Liking what I see there at least. Rapier looks really good, especially for those crazy Sankaku missions with way to many hackable objects. Leash is cool too, having a permanent Drone pet is really good, considering they can explore without any real restrictions. Shade should be fun for distractions as well. Upgraded Parasite is awesome ofcourse.


The upgraded Lockpick and Dagger seem very weak though, especially Dagger. Compare that to Hammer, which is 1 Power more expensive and doesn't have a cooldown, and I think we have a clear winner.

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I believe it says "Indiscriminate firewall breaker", perhaps it's like Oracle but can break anything.


'At would make sense. One hell of a risk, though; if it breaks a turret, which then starts perforating guards left and right, things would go to hell quickly.

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