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  1. Is it really not possible to sell augments? I'd give it a look but this dreadful thing called real life has been showing its face a lot this week and I just don't have time I know they have a vendor price in the UI, just haven't tried, as until now the only time I ever got augments was when I wanted them.
  2. I think it's fine. It's not usable on camera's except maybe with a cloaking device, and it can't hack shops, databases and things like that because it disables for a turn, after the reboot the device isn't usable still by you.
  3. as in a save file left over from the old build. Strange bugs can happen if you do that...@Alpro The Alarm 3 (and 4) guards were always on patrol. It's only the enforcers at 5 (and from daemons) that hunt, but at Alarm 5 everyone goes into Hunt mode.
  4. Terminals have been changed a bit I see. I got a Terminal that was worth 7 Power just now. Highest I've seen before was 4. Played a bit with Xu and I think he's a bit underwhelming. I guess he probably shines on missions with drones though. Did not have time to unlock the other agent just yet. Server Farms are great now. And not just because of Shopcat I do think Wings needs a tooltip update, currently says it's a toggle for 1 extra AP for your agents. It's actually a 2 turn cooldown for 2 extra AP for your agents that turn. Still quite powerful.
  5. You still running a game from the previous build? Just started a game with Deckard, and he has 4 total slots, 3 occupied, one free.
  6. I don't really see any reason to argue over this, considering you start with just as many inventory slots now as you did before. Previously Internationale and Banks had 3 slots, now they have 4, one occupied by the augment showing their special ability, rest with their usual stuff.
  7. On hand? Or in his vault? Then again if he at least has a decent amount on him the mission might be worth it just for that.
  8. Not so much a bug as just copying the drone template and forgetting to remove the overwatch button I think. If it can be removed without massive code changes. At least that's how I always saw it.
  9. Have I just been extraordinarily lucky or do Detention Centers give out agents more often? Currently 3 out of 3 for this patch, while I was at like 1 out of 20ish before that. Actually ran into trouble because of that, lack of credits was really hurting me in my final run, and hoped to get a prisoner escort only to find Deckard in there Speaking of credits, I'm not sure I like the new vaults, the ones with the 6 Artifacts in them. Maybe it's time for a mission item inventory separate of the spy tool inventory? Room for stuff like those artifacts, keycards, etc. I wouldn't mind if that meant the amount of inventory slots would be reduced to compensate. Say, start out with 2 slots for tools, 2 for mission items. Every second level of the Inventory stat would give out one more mission item slot, while tool slots would still go up at 1 per level. Would allow for more missions in which you have to steal items to bring back. And maybe I should post this on the suggestions forum as well. Guess I'll go do that too.
  10. I like it, I tend to have most of the level explored before Alarm Level 2 in the early game. Though I might be biased because in that same run I got a Parasite 2.0 in my second mission. But yeah, you're dependant on picking up another firewall breaker asap.
  11. Well, used the Vault key I had earned yesterday, on an Extremely Guarded, Day 3 Vault mission, and was met by some serious disappointment, in it were a grand total of 3 of those 'money boxes' you need to hack a terminal for to open, and in them was a whopping $330 each, so $990 total. For reference, the 4 Cultural Artifacts I picked up out of the 6 before the door, were worth 1500 total, and guards were carrying from 150 to 250 on their person. Not exactly worth it as it stands right now. In the Final Mission I ran into this doozy of a room btw, that might need a teensy widdle bit of toning down Basically was just one huge room, with no side doors apart from the ones visible, filled with 2 armor guards. Managed to get through it by having Deckard take one for the team, as he was the only one with a Cloaking Unit, while the rest hid near the elevator. After the discovery and release of the prisoner they escaped, and Deckard and the prisoner met their demise trying to get back through that hellish room. Still, mission 'succes' and 6000 Reputation earned This unlocked me the final program, and all I have to say is meh. It needs to activate at a much higher percentage of your total Power to be worth it. 2 Power recovery per turn if you're at below 3 Power is just really useless. Only way I can see this work is taking both Fusion and Emergency Drip, and then praying for a good piece of hacking software in your first Nanofab, which sounds like an exercise in frustration to me.
  12. There's actually a new vault as well with therein... <Highlight to read, as might be slightly spoilerish> 6 Cultural Artifacts<end spoiler> I have to say I have to chime in on the Parasite nerf being to harsh now. I'd say it's borderline unusable in its current state. Fortunately Rapier does quite nicely as a replacement. Though you do have to be fast for it to be good. And you definitely need some other hacking upgrade within the first day, otherwise the cost becomes a bit to much. Luckily I found myself a Parasite 2.0 on my current run, so those woes are solved. The new mission is fun, though I'd remove the Exec's Noticed view cone, as it's confusing, considering he does not move. At all. I have not tried standing exactly in his face to see if he actually does something, but in his noticed zone he just comments repeatedly 'What's that?' 'Huh?', etc. Which is kinda amusing I have to admit. I also think that 6 turns is a bit overdoing it, but I managed to get all my agents out alive, which is what counts. Got kinda hectic in the end though, especially since it was a Heavily Guarded mission Taking a breather now before I tackle a vault with the key. Like the new room layouts as well, though I do find it strange how the folding screens in one mission didn't seem to count as a hiding spot. Looks like a wall to me, but no hiding icons, and no huddled/wall hugging agents if you stand next to them. Also a minor clipping/placement issue with a table in the new mission type, it looks like it should be moved a bit, issue remains if you turn the camera, just looks very wonky. I also did notice some slowdown in this mission, as there were quite a few guards moving around, but that might be because my laptop doesn't really have a dedicated graphics card. Haven't been able to play with any of the other new features yet, but I'm looking forward to them
  13. I had not thought of giving him a stim, I actually had 2 of those on my agents. As for not being able to stim him, they did give him an inventory. And it has a pretty high cooldown.
  14. I find the major bottleneck for the final mission is that your escort is so darned slow. 5 MP really isn't much :/