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  1. Is it possible to nomify a spider...? @RyanandLink I wish to join the nome army! May I please have the complimentary nome profile picture as my photo editing skills are non existent!
  2. Am I the only one that thinks Shadow Wes came straight out of Invisible Inc? No? Ok...
  3. Why are you people still posting on this thread? The puzzle has been solved long ago. I really don't understand you guys sometimes....
  4. Wow, i wake up and Rezecib solves the whole thing! That guy is a genious! Since the part of that "It will be available on November 5th" part is crossed out i guess the devs are hinting us to do more research right now. So the puzzle still isn't solved yet!
  5. Check OP for link. It's 4 AM here so I'm gonna head to bed. Would be nice if this gets moved to DS general discussions so we can get more people involved. See ya guys later and have fun!
  6. That's all from the older puzzle. You should check the wiki on William Carter. The person next to Maxwell is Charlie.
  7. There is a puzzle in this video! Join in guys!
  8. GUYS!!! The almighty Klei gods have edited my second post. "too easy" is now bold. I am certain i didn't write it like that. Something is afoot!
  9. The date at the end of the video. It's when the update is going to be released.
  10. If the almighty lord truthseeker wills it so then i must allow it. Let's hope you're right.
  11. Just wikied Resumptus. It means Resumed or Recovered in latin. Any ideas guys?
  12. FOUND SOMETHING ELSE!!! Resumptus Tried to replace it with Praecantator but nothing, that would be too easy i guess.