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  1. How about "storing" agents and switch them between missions, much like we can do with items? This allows replacement agents and storing agent #2 for a solo challenge before the first mission. "You there, get in the locker!"
  2. Vault Terminals disabled by Xu do not unlock Deposit Boxes, is this intentional?
  3. Oh yes, random character button please, maybe also random programs but the first is always Power Drip or Fusion and the other is not one of those? Always love "Do your best with those".
  4. Liking this update so far. Alarm 3 guards are on patrol rather than hunting? Thats pretty good. Found a little bug, i left my game and later when i resumed, the augments i got at the cyber lab were different. It is annoying you can't get rid of augments, especially when it is one you do not want from a cyber lab. How about making them (from lab or nano-fab, not the special starting ones) inactive/unimplanted and sellable/tradable, until used, at which point, are stuck in your agent? I like the fix on parasite, seems perfect now. It was way too cost-efficient in pre-update #3 and lets face it, pretty much useless in #3. Thanks for this fix.
  5. How about vault extra rooms have 33% more potential profit than the default vault room? Executive + vault mission should bring more than doing two vaults?
  6. Lockpick 2.0 is nice, exactly what i expected since i first played this game. Haven't tried the other programs yet, though i've seen data blast. I suppose it has potential. Server farms are more interesting now, especially considering some programs are cheaper. Parasite is now useless. The reason it wasn't OP is the time it takes to break firewalls. If it really needs a nerf, the cooldown could only trigger after using 2 or 3 times in one turn or it could have no cooldown, cost 2 on first use and 1 on subsequent uses. Vaults are far less appealing now as to truly benefit from them you have to do an executive mission and sometimes the vault room has 6 cultural artifacts and the money is (i assume) on the other side of the invincible door. If you cannot open that door then you don't get any money and can't upgrade your agent's inventory and must leave half of the artifacts there... I'm noticing changes to guards' behavior, i don't know if they were added in update 2 or 3 (i have not played much between these two, unfortunately), but sometimes my agents are spotted when they would not in update 0 and 1. And what's with one guard going on overwatch then all the other guards in the world and the previous mission show up immediately?! Feels like this. So with vaults being less profitable one way or another (leave with not much or waste several hours going for an executive mission first), nerfed parasite, consumable med gels, odd guards' behavior, hack-locking drones and not knowing which corp you are going against, i can't say i'm having as much fun as i had at first. If the devs and/or community want a greater challenge or some items need tweaking, i'm fine with that, but please, stop doing it downwards, ie crippling everything...