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  1. I think it would be really cool if at the start of each mission instead of one agent saying something, they could say stuff to each other based on the build. much of the lore comes from knowing how central feels about everyone, so if each agent could have an opinion of the other agents that you could only see by playing with different builds and reading them at the start of each mission that would be really cool. nika and banks could tell each other to be careful, sharp and xu could bicker, internationale and shalem could exchange witty insults ... etc not whole conversations. just one agent saying one thing and one other agent responding. I think this could be an easy way to introduce A LOT more lore into the game.
  2. I'm not sure if this is the same bug but I have experienced some weird behaviour the first game after the update. I've played many games since and I haven't experience it again. A guard was watching Internationale while she was standing in front of a closed door. I came in the room from another door with banks, to knock him out before moving internationale and when I ran to knock him from the side, he turned to banks' direction (about 45 degrees) before she reached the tile next to him and shot her (I'm sure I wasn't in his line of sight). I thought it was a new mechanism where if a guard is in overwatch and hears you running he shoots you, but then I tried to move internationale, since the guard wasn't looking at her direction anymore, but the guard turned back to internationale and shot her as well.