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  1. Agreed, makes me wonder what an anti-Rapier would perform like, where it starts at 6 PWR to use and goes down as the alarm increases, it might lead to strategic alarm raising, which would be weird but interesting.
  2. Yeah, my mistake, when I wrote it I thought it was 1 PWR at alarm levels 0 and 1, then 2 PWR at 2, 3 at 3, etc. Which maybe would be good for Rapier v2.0, You're right about the problems it can cause if you've got few/slow agents, I'm kind of wondering why it's included as a starting program, it's not unworkable but in a lot of ways it's a bit like Hammer or Knife, you can't really use it on it's own, especially early on.
  3. Okay, so Rapier, that's a thing, how're people finding it in this post-Parasite-nerf world? After toying about with it as a starting program, I've found it's like going on a crazy firewall-breaking bender, riiiight up until you hit alarm level 2, which can be considered the hangover. The firewalls raise and suddenly the same camera that would've cost 1 PWR to hack now costs 4 PWR, hit those higher alarm levels and/or a Rubik daemon and it's painful. You can conceivably get into a situation where it would cost 30 PWR to hack a 5 firewall turret/safe/camera. I'm going to need more time with it to figure out if it's going to stop me having to go back to Lockpick, but my advice is: pick up another breaker asap, it's amazing right at the start but you need something sensible to fall back on. Even if the first thing you find is Oracle, grab it, spam it and hack everything you see while you still can! Edit: Don't know how I managed to post this in 'Suggestions and Feedback', if a nice mod would stick it in 'General Discussion and Strategies' that would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Oooh, Modulate is nasty, increases the PWR cost of all programs by 2 PWR for a number of turns. Parasite kind of deserved a nerf, might actually consider taking Lockpick with me in the future, can confirm Parasite v2.0 has no cooldown and is very nice.