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Player Interaction  

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  1. 1. How will you interact with other players?

    • Compete.
    • Collaborate.
    • Combat.
    • Condone.

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How will you interact with you fellow players upon meeting them? Will you take out a dark sword and slash them to death? Will you collaborate and set up a base, possibly cover more ground, and take down bosses together? Will you compete for resources, deploy lureplants near each other, and passive-aggressively try to defeat each other? Or will you just condone the fact that they are there, and ignore them? Give reasons why below, if you want.

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Collaboration for sure, I have no interest in PvP in DS. I've been looking forward to multi-player so my partner and I can help our family/friends who have been struggling, and spread our love for the game.


Well OK, we may troll just one of our friends briefly, after he's been lulled into a false sense of security and survival... but it's all in good fun, we have that kind of relationship. Once he screams profanity at us and rage-quits, we'll go back to playing collaboratively. :highly_amused:

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Definitely collaborate. I will catch a handful of friends and play together with them, I have close to no interest in any pvp-esque stuff. If I want to play PvP, there's plenty plenty of games designed around that kind of gameplay that are more interesting to fight in. Though of course, I might always be surprised positively, and vs. servers could turn into hunger game-esque grand fights where you'll be starving out and trapping people rather than running at them with a spear, but from my experience, that running-at-each-other-with-a-spear situation is what it will almost always come down to anyway. So I expect the true potential for this to lie in coop right now.

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