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  1. It says that it will cime in 2 days and I see nothing at the sticky...
  2. Wickerbottom is not as usefull as you think, and once they make the meat effigy valuable again (against the telltale heart) willson will be a good mp character again..
  3. This is a worthless post even on my standarts
  4. welp keep the vannila challenging... when its a mod we get an option..
  5. Passing the time

    Well my hype is a bit dead, im not thinking about DST as much, but I do play allot of DS and I also got myself a new game so time passes pretty smothly (wargame - european escelation)
  6. I hope they wont implement a way (but moving to the next world...) keep the game, the harsh singleplayer we all love...
  7. THE HYPENING 2014

    I cant figure out who is this.. maybe willow?
  8. Don't worry little ones, it's all part of my greater plan *walks away while whispering about world domination,water bottles and candy*
  9. I think its worthy to mention i have no idea who that guy is (you will know)
  10. Phase 2 tommoror?

    Tried it, its allmost unplayable..
  11. Please Please ship the keys soon I sirously cant wait
  12. I cant wait any longer ! *goes crazy and kills 2 teenbirds*
  13. Wes?

    The progress is not carried from the singleplayer?*destroyong seph statue i made out of plastelina*
  14. While we wait...

    I just play otjer games... civ v kills time like magic..
  15. People without owning DS can join? Aweesoomme, already got 2 friends to register haha
  16. So What Next?

    Try to find the potatocup Try to find the potatocup
  17. bunny wabbits: what's wrong with them?

    I never manage to do that... are you playing on the consoles?
  18. Nah I dont like it, klri should first focus on the original objective - make rhe singleplayer multiplayer.
  19. A way that you could rate a player as either 1)Harmfull - a guy who just popped out of nowhere and killed you to get all your stuff. 2)Natural - a guy that just passed by and didn't do any ahrm to you, maybe even traded with you stuff, or just some guy who you passed the night with because he had no fire... actually.. 3)Helpfull/friendly - someone who saw you low on health and helped you out, or saved from some hounds, or helped you in any other way, there realy are more than enough ways to do so in the game. (if it wasnt clear by now, the system will be meant to keep harmfull players away from survival servers) *sorry for my english, not a native speaker **swag.